How to Write A Phrase in Bahasa Indonesia – Clear Examples and Explanation

Before we get to learn on how to write a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia, we have to know that Bahasa Indonesia has eight part of speech. They are Indonesian noun ( nomina), Indonesian pronoun (pronomina), Indonesian adjective ( kata sifat), Indonesian verb (kata kerja), Indonesian adverb (adverbia), Indonesian preposition (preposisi), Indonesian conjunction (konjungsi), Indonesian interjection ( […]

English Proper Noun in Bahasa Indonesia – Vocabularies and Examples

During learning English, a person must know part of speech. Part of speech is word classes. In order to make a good sentence, a person must understand part of speech. There are eight part of speech that should be understood during learning English. One of them is noun. Noun is a name of place, person, […]

-i Suffix in Indonesian – Vocabularies and Sentence Example

They are a lot of topics when we learn Bahasa Indonesia such as Indonesian slang,Indonesian idiom, and Indonesian greeting. However when an individual learns Bahasa Indonesia, they have to learn vocabulary first which is the basic rule of learning Bahasa Indonesia. During learning the vocabulary, it will be found some word that has affiliation with […]

Noun Classifier in Bahasa Indonesia – Structures and Examples

When a person tries to learn a new language, they will learn about noun. In every language, noun has classification, including noun in Bahasa Indonesia. But, what is noun? According to dictionary, noun is a class of word that has function as the main or elements of subject or verb. Noun is not only physical […]

Learn about Numbers in Javanese – Vocabularies and Examples

There are a lot of topics when we learn a new language. One of the crucial thing that we have to learn is numbering. In learning English, numbering is taught before the children get to learn in school. In this case, the parents or caregiver take a role. What about learning another language? It applies […]

Learn Javanese Alphabet – Script and Latin Writing Complete with Examples

Java tribe is one of ethnic groups in Indonesia. It is categorized as one of big ethnic groups in Indonesia. Java tribe has rich culture. One of the culture that attracts some people is the language. Every provinces in Java has their own dialect. Moreover, Javanese people has their way on how to address people in […]

How to Address People in Javanese – Rules – Structures – Vocabularies

People always socialize with the others in their daily life. They greet and talk to the others. During their communication, they have to address people they talk to. Each country has different way of addressing the other people. In English, it is more simple to address the others. But in Indonesia, there are a lot […]