Indonesian Causative – Structures – Examples

As we use our language in our daily life we will always use a lot of words. One of those kind of word is causative word. Not only in English language, we also use causative word in Indonesia language. Causative word is called as a verb, as in the word we found “cause” that mean […]

Learn Indonesian (me-) Prefix with Experts

Every word have their own meaning, what if we added some prefix into it? will it change? here is the answer. In Indonesia there is a lot of prefix that we can add to the words, but the most common prefix that we will see is Indonesian me– prefix. First of all we have to […]

Morphology of Indonesia Language and Structures

Before learning Indonesia language we have to know the morphology of Indonesia language. As we have known, morphology is a study and description of word formation in language. Just like the other language, Indonesia language also have it own morphology to organize their sentence. Here is morphology of Indonesia language that you should know. Word Formation […]