How to Say Please and Thank You in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Basically, please and thank you are words that represent manner and etiquette when we communicate with others. Bahasa Indonesia does care about this words and Indonesian using these words commonly. As we know please and thank you are words which usually use to offer something and thanked something. The function of these word are pretty […]

How to Say Older Brother in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Hello, there! How’s life? Hope it is enjoy as well The main thing that you should to be highlight when learning Bahasa Indonesia is about etiquette. Actually, Bahasa Indonesia is really serious to manage about etiquette moreover if you had conversation over older people. That’s because all your attitudes represented by your words when you […]

How to Say Wait In Indonesian – Defination – Examples

How’s life? Hopefully it is great well. If we learn every language from the whole universe, ask something like waiting is normally using, so does Indonesia. There is little bit different between learn Bahasa Indonesia and English. One of the highlight is of course the etiquette. Well ‘wait’ in Indonesian translated with ‘tunggu’ and usually […]