How to say Eid Mubarak in Indonesian – Meaning and Examples

Indonesia is the largest muslim population in the world. There are many islamic traditions that celebrated every year. The most awaited Islamic feast of the year is eid Mubarak. Besides religious aspect, eid Mubarak  also tells about Indonesian tradition. You can also learn how to say other religious celebration greetings such as  how to say […]

How to Say Time in Bahasa Indonesia – Important Phrases

It is really important to know how to say about time in any languages. Because we cannot make mistake in term of time and it is sometimes related to schedule, such as the schedule of departure or arrival of flight, schedule of meeting or even schedule of lesson in the class. After we learn about […]

How to Say Good Afternoon in Indonesian Language

After finishing our morning tasks then we prepare for the next duty within a day. you might have a meeting with your colleagues or your business partners or even having lunch with your Indonesian friends and you should greet them when you meet. For afternoon greet In Bahasa Indonesia, we say “Selamat Siang” or “Selamat […]