Meaning of “Galau” in Indonesian – Examples

If you want to go or live in Indonesia, you are going to need to know about some slang words. This slang word is used in a daily conversation, or the informal language in Indonesian society. This is important for you, because you are going to meet a lot of people that is using this […]

Meaning of “Bang” In Indonesian – Easy Examples

Language is an important thing for us to learn. If you want to trip abroad, you are going to need to learn about other languages. For example, if you want to go to Indonesia, you need to learn about the Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian language consists of many vocabularies. Anjir meaning in Indonesian will help you […]

Most Romantic Things to Say to a Girl in Indonesian

Many girls love to hear some romantic words from their couple. This is actually because girls want to get their couple’s attention, and they just want to make sure that their couple still loves them. To make girls happy with the romantic words, you are going to need to learn some of it. Indonesian Phrases […]

How to teach Bahasa Indonesia to Preschoolers – Guidance and Tips

Many children nowadays are able to speak in more than one language. This is because this era demands us to know about the International language, such as English, or any other languages. But for the foreigners, who is able to speak in English (especially the foreigners that has English as their mother tongue), they can […]

How to Teach Bahasa Indonesia to Foreigners – Tips and Guidances

Language is the most important thing we need to know in order to communicate with people. We can learn more than one languages- instead of our original language- to let us know about other countries’ language. If you want to learn about other countries’ language, you can have many benefits. One of the benefit is […]

How to Learn Indonesian Consonant – Formula and Examples

Indonesian language basically consist of two types of words. The first one, vowel. Vowel or “huruf hidup” in Bahasa consist of  A, I, U, E, O. While the consonant, or “ huruf mati/konsonan” in Bahasa consist of the words beside the “huruf hidup”. It is important for you to learn the consonat in Bahasa Indonesia. […]

A-Z Vocabulary Builder Bahasa Indonesia – Definition and Examples

In learning a new language, you have to memorize many vocabularies. This is important, because vocabulary helps you to know about how to choose the right word, the meaning of some words, etc. in Bahasa Indonesia, it has so many of vocabularies, because Indonesia has many tribes, cultures, and languages. And even when it comes […]

How to Say Are You Okay in Indonesian

Language is used for a better communication between one person to other people. It helps people to understand what the other means so that they can help each other. In communication, people are used to asking someone’s condition. In other words, you may ask about someone’s condition whenever you see the people that need help. […]

How to Say How Old Are You in Indonesian

Many people look younger than their real age. But, there are also many people that look older than their real age. The truth is, kids nowadays may look older than their real age because they can learn many things and also understand many things that are not suitable for their age. This can make many […]

How to Say “What is Going On in Indonesian” – Phrases – Examples

How to say what is going on in Indonesian There are many things that happen in our live. Those things can be a good or bad things. If the bad things happen to other, we need to show them that we care about them. We can express our care by the conversation. If you still […]