Verbs Me-i Indonesian – Formula – Examples

We have talked about Indonesian suffixes for numbers of time and there are loads of articles about it in Masteringbahasa. Bahasa Indonesia does not only use prefix and suffix in single use but also in combination. The combination of prefix and suffix can be quite confusing because it changes not only the meaning but also […]

Me-kan Verbs Indonesian – Formula – Examples

The use of affixes in Bahasa Indonesia may be the most confusing part. The addition of affixes changes partial or entire meaning of root words. This can be quite confusing for those who do not completely understand the basic concepts. Another problem with Indonesian affixes is there are several types of prefixes, suffix, infixes, and […]

Indonesian Suffix –kah (Formula, Meaning, and Examples)

If you are learning Indonesian for quite some time, you should familiar with the use of prefix, suffix, and infix. Adding affixes is a way to form Indonesian words. There are many forms of affixes and one of the common forms is Indonesian Suffix –kah. The Indonesian Suffix –kah is also known as particle which […]

100 Javanese Slang Words and Meaning

Bahasa Indonesia is the official Indonesian language which you can learn it in college, universities, and courses all over the world. But similar to other languages, Indonesian slang also exists in the society, TV shows, movies, and so on. Indonesian slang comes from many origins including English and also local dialects. Indonesian slang originated from […]

20 Indonesian Quotes with English Translation

Reading is one great way to enrich vocabulary. Though reading, you can open the gate of knowledge and learn the language at the same time. Well, reading in this term does not necessarily to be a book reading. It can be articles, news, or even quote reading. Speaking of quotes, there are numbers of Indonesian […]

200 Indonesian Synonym – Vocabulary – Meaning

In every language, there is also synonym of certain words to another. In Bahasa Indonesia, synonym is also called padanan kata; it refers to words with similar or same meaning to another. Both the words and the synonym can be used in sentence without changing the general meaning of the sentence. Below are some examples […]

A-Z Indonesian Words Borrowed from English – Meaning

There are lots of Indonesian words which directly borrowed from English. These words are purposely borrowed because there is no original Indonesian word which has similar meaning. Borrowed words or also known as loan words are directly adapted to suit the Indonesian pronunciation. Below are some of the list of Indonesian words borrowed from English. […]

150 Indonesian Antonym – Vocabulary – Meaning

Antonym refers to opposite meaning of certain words. In Bahasa Indonesia, the use of antonym is frequent, mostly to describe things. Learning Indonesian antonym also helps you to enrich the vocabulary. Below are some examples of Indonesian antonym. Also learn more about Indonesian Figure of Speech. A Abadi X Fana (Eternal X momentary) Amatir X […]

150 Indonesian Idioms and Proverbs with Complete Meaning

Every language has its own uniqueness. One factor that makes Bahasa Indonesia unique is the diversity of the vocabulary. Indonesian vocabulary can be used in the root form or adding prefix and suffix. In some cases, Indonesian vocabulary can also be combined with other vocabularies and form idioms and proverbs. For foreign people leaning Bahasa […]

Indonesian Figure of Speech – Types – Definitions – Examples

In almost any language, there is always figure of speech. In Bahasa Indonesia, figure of speech is known as majas. Majas is a kind of imagery or figurative speech which usually used to strengthen the impression of a sentence both written and speech and trigger imaginative sense for the audiences. Also learn about Indonesian proverbs […]