How to Say Age in Indonesian – Phrases – Meaning

Let’s learn how to say age in Indonesian. For Indonesian people, age is part of identity. When you meet someone at the first time, it is common to ask him/her about age. Usually, people in the community will also want to know the age of the new person. In Indonesian language, “age” = “umur”  How […]

How to Say Sorry in Indonesian – Phrases

In life, it is normal to make a mistake. Especially, it happens when you learn about language. Asking an apologize is the easiest way for your mistake understandable. This is the reason you should know how to say sorry in Indonesian. In Indonesian language, “sorry” = “maaf”. This word is unique. For Indonesian people, this […]

4 Indonesian Greetings Time of Day – Meaning – Examples

If you learn about conversation in Indonesian language, then you should know about Indonesian Greetings Time of Day. This is for your advantages. Greeting is important since it is the first word that come from you in the conversation. It is part of the knowledge on how to talk with Indonesian. There are a lot […]

5 Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners

In this article, you will learn more about Indonesian Greeting Etiquette. Greeting is a simple thing. If you meet someone then you will greet him/her. It is a natural things to do. But, greeting can become complex. Since every culture has their uniqueness, then you should know how to say your greeting in that particular […]

How to Say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Indonesian

For most people around the world, December has special meaning. In this month, every Christian (and Catholics) celebrate Christmas. Beside of that, December is the end of the year. Every people in the world will meet a new year. People in Indonesia also have this two special day as their festive. That’s why you need […]

Christmas Greetings in Indonesian – Useful Phrases

As in other countries, Christmas is celebrated in Indonesia also. Since the beginning of December, sometimes even earlier, you can see many sign of Christmas in Indonesia, especially in shopping center. Christmas is one of the big religious festive in Indonesia. That’s why you need to know Christmas Greetings in Indonesian when you learn about […]

How to Say I am Fine in Indonesian – Examples

If you learn Indonesian language, I believe your goal is to have a conversation. That’s why you need to read this article, since you need to know how to say I am fine in Indonesian. In every conversation, usually you will ask the condition of the people that talk to you. This is normal practice […]

How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Indonesian

Birthday! I believe this is a good topic for everyone. If you learn Bahasa Indonesia, you should know how to say happy birthday in Indonesian. This is important! Friend, colleague, partner, or everyone around you must have their own birthday. As the person that connects to them, I believe you need to say something to […]

How To Say “Take Care” In Indonesian Language

I hope you already have a few conversation with Indonesian. This article is important in conversation. By reading this article, you can learn how to say take care in Indonesian language. Take care is simple and nice word. By saying this to people that talk to you, you give them good impression. Usually, you will […]

How to Say “Have A Great Day” in Indonesian

Halo, this is time for you to learn how to say have a great day in Indonesian. This is part of ethics in conversation. When you already finish your conversation with someone, normally you need to say something to people that talk with you. Usually you will give them some good words. “Have a great […]