Learning Business Greetings in Indonesia – Customs and Etiquette

Hello, selamat datang! This time we learn about business greetings in Indonesia. Actually, there is no standard rule about business in Indonesia. When people meet each other for business, they usually just say usual greetings, such as ‘selamat pagi (Good Morning) and shakes their partner’s right hand to show respect. Remember, using your left hand, […]

Good Morning Greetings in Indonesia – Meaning and Examples

Hi! Apa kabar? How are you? After learning about How to Say Good Afternoon, Learn How to Say Good Evening, and How to Say Goodnight in Indonesian, we finally arrived at another  Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners, which is how to say ‘Good Morning’ Greetings in Indonesia. Learn How to Say Good Morning Greetings in Indonesia  For your […]

How to Learn Indonesian Alphabets – Vowel and Consonant

One of the very basic knowledge about learning Bahasa Indonesia is to learn Indonesian Alphabets. Fortunately, in terms of alphabet, Bahasa Indonesia has same system with English, which occurred 26 Latin alphabets (A—Z), even though there are some differences in pronouncing the symbol. You may see Learn Indonesian Pronunciation of Basic Words It should be noted […]

How to Say ‘Help’ in Indonesian – Meaning and Examples

Everyone certainly has a desire to impress someone else, which is also includes showing good manner. In terms of verbal communication, there are many ways to show good manner through language, such as How to Say Goodnight in Indonesian Language. Besides the Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners it is also important to know how to say […]

How to Say Cheers in Indonesian – Meaning – Example

Without a doubt, when translating a word to another language, understanding the literal meaning is crucial. However, language also depends with external factors such as context and even its society. Therefore, learning a new language becomes more complex and interesting at the same time, such as in  Indonesian Language Difficulties. This time, we will learn […]