Bisa Meaning in Indonesia – Clear Examples

Every language must have their rich words to know and to be spoken. The rich of language is not only from the history of the language but also the usage of words.

Even one word can have some meanings in a language. When a person speaks a word in different situation or context, the meaning of a word can change from the main meaning.

The different meaning of a word in a language can be found almost in all languages in the world, especially Indonesian language. In Indonesian language, a word can have some meanings if that word is used in different context.

One of the words which have some meanings to be spoken or used is bisa word. Bisa meaning in Indonesia has the main meaning of can or showing the ability in English. Here are other bisa meaning in Indonesia.

The meaning of Bisa word in Indonesia

Bisa: can (modal verb),

Bisa: poison of an animal (noun)

  • Additional affixes

Kebisaan: ability/skill (noun)

Sebisanya: as best as someone can (sentence)

  • Combination of two words

Bisa jadi: it can be (A guess or guessing/ uncertainty statement)

How and When to use Bisa word

The meaning of the word bisa above are usually used or spoken in a conversation between elder or younger people, parents to child or vice versa, and for formal conversations.

The word bisa which has the meaning in noun word form is usually used in a biology class or in daily conversation. It can be used in formal and informal ways. The word bisa is also used in slang word and has some different meaning to tell someone’s statement. Here are the examples.

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  • Slang words

Bisa aja / Bisa ae: what a joke! / what a statement! / how can he/she/it!? (A statement for telling people that she or he tells a play joke, the sarcasm)

Bisa-bisaan:  how can you/she/he! (A statement to someone who play someone else foolishly)

Sabi: It/you/he/she/they can be (A statement of bisa (turn around word), agreement of somebody above other people statement)

Bisa jadi: That/this/it can be (A guess or guessing/ uncertainty statement)

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Example of Usage

  • The usage of bisa words in phrases or sentences
Indonesian Language English
Segelas cairan bisa ular (phrases) A glass of snake’s poison.
Ayah saya bisa membetulkan motor tua. My father can fix old motorcycle.
Ibu saya punya kebisaan dalam memasak makanan Jawa. My mother has an ability in cooking Javanese food
Joko telah memasak rendang sebisanya. Rasanya pun biasa saja. Joko had cooked rendang as best as he can. The taste was so so.
Bisa saja, itu hanya bualannya. How can he! It was just a joke.
Bisa jadi, istrinya sudah tak ada di rumah It can be that his wife is not at home.
Bisa aja/ bisa ae lo bercandanya. (slang) How can you! You make that joke, really?
Bisa-bisaan orang itu aja, mau nolongin lo. (slang) How can, that person did that to help you?!?
A: Kita harus berkunjung ke pantai Ancol nih!B: bisa bisa. (slang) A: We have to visit Ancol Beach, you know!B: We can be.
Bisa jadi, motornya hilang karena maling tuh! It can be, the motorcycle lost because of the thief took it!

 Those are the explanation and examples of bisa meaning in Indonesia. Bisa word is one of the words which has some meanings even though it is just a word. The bisa word can be used formally and in the conversation with slang words.

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