Guide to Learn Bahasa Indonesia in Jakarta The Capital City – Best Place

Language is a communication tool through words conversation, not only by using words but also we can use signs or symbols to describe our thoughts.

In December 2007 the local government in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam formally announced Bahasa Indonesia as the second language in Ho Chi Minh city for 2007-2008 period, Irdamis Ahmad in Jakarta informed that Bahasa Indonesia is important as English, France adn Japanese Language as the second language priority.

The language that really important for the people of Indonesia to learn more deeply especially for the Indonesian’s next generation. Not only for Indonesian but also for the foreigners who decides to stay in Indonesia or become Indonesian, so here is some excellent places to study Bahasa Indonesia and also some tips to improve your ability in Language specifically Bahasa Indonesia.


  1. Studying at The Capital City

Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia that unites communication over 700 languages between various tribes in Indonesia. Actually there are certain ways of learning Bahasa Indonesia. Jakarta as the capital city is an ideal place to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia.

Starting with the people who lives in Jakarta, most of them are using Bahasa Indonesia due to modernization which was diminishing the using of tribe languages such as Betawi in that city. On the other hand, Jakarta will be an ideal practical place especially for speaking part of Bahasa Indonesia.

On Monday, there  is always car free day every week, at the time you can practice your speaking skill in Bahasa Indonesia in account of the citizen of Jakarta is really welcome for the foreigners, thus they could help you to improve. To support your progress in learning Bahasa Indoensia, there are so many libraries that really help you to advance your skills also.

2. Provided Bahasa Indonesia Courses

The effective way of learning new language is trough courses. Learning at the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, gives more optional for those who wants to studying Bahasa Indonesia comprehendingly.

Visiting Badan Pengembangan Bahasa dan Perbukuan at east Jakarta will accord you for information about Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Culture so, you can study regularly along with the culture.

There are so many courses that provided Bahasa Indonesia course for instance, a course center named AIM at Jakarta, it is provided private Bahasa Indonesia course which is fun and effective for those who wants to learn.

A private Bahasa Indonesia teacher who has experienced, qualifications, and funny character. Along with AIM you will get a course which designed really flexibly. There is also Makssar as an other optional for studying Bahasa Indonesia, Language Center at University of Makassar (UNM) and also UPT Language Center at University of Hasanudin (UNHAS) provides private and group of learning Bahasa Indonesia.

3. Studying Through Internet

Furthermore, Youtube provides so many ways of Bahasa Indonesia teachers with different style of explanations, some of them are easily to understand but also there are few that hardly to understand for the viewers and learners.


However, there are risks studying through the internet for instance, the qualifications of the teachers and lacking of two way communications between the teachers and the students. Studying Bahasa Indonesia by learning it through the internet such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Superprof for private teaching.