Learn How to Say Good Evening in Indonesian with Examples

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen man! Get back here and relax to learn more about Indonesia or Bahasa Indonesia here with all ways to learn Basic Indonesian Language with The Experts

Meanwhile, if it’s your first time coming to Indonesia, then you need to learn basic Indonesian phrases such how to say good morning, good afternoon, and many more. First of all, let’s check how to say good evening in Indonesian and it’s sentence examples.

Good Evening : Selamat Malam

Vowels: S’LAH-maht MAH-lahm

Yes, how to say good evening in Indonesian is selamat malam.

What’s the rules to say good evening in Indonesian? Well, there is no such a rule, but you can only wish someone good evening (selamat malam) only when it’s up to 7 pm.

Both formal and informal rules, you can just say “Selamat Malam!” (Good Evening)

Examples of “Selamat Malam!” (Good Evening) Sentences

Well, let’s learn more from this examples of saying good evening in Indonesian

  • Selamat Malam Bapak dan Ibu
    (Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen)
  • Selamat Malam, Ayah!)
    (Good Evening, Daddy)
  • Good Evening, Ibu!
    (Selamat Malam, Ibu!)
  • Good Afternoon, Miss
    (Selamat Malam, Bu)
  • Good Afternoon, Sir
    (Selamat Malam, Pak)
  • Good Afternoon, Teacher
    (Selamat Malam, Guru)

So, you got it? Learning Indonesian is basically easy but tricky. But don’t worry, cause you can learn it together here.

More Indonesian Phrases and Common Sentences

  • Good Night
    (Selamat Tidur/ Selamat Malam)

Meanwhile, some special treat you can also say Selamat Malam with Good Night.

Just like English grammar rule, Good Night is said when you are about to leave some events. Here is in Indonesian, you can wish good evening or good night, both have meaning Selamat Malam. How to Pronounce Indonesian Words? Let’s check it more here.

More Indonesian Phrases to Remember

Here are more Useful Indonesian Conversation Phrases

  • Good Morning
    (Selamat Pagi)
  • Good Afternoon
    (Selamat Sore)
  • Good Evening
    (Selamat Malam)
  • Good Night
    (Selamat Tidur)
  • See You Later
    (Sampai Jumpa Lain Waktu)
  • Goodbye
    (Sampai Jumpa)

Well, it’s easy right? You know how to say good evening in Indonesian now? Is Indonesia an Easy Language to Learn? You can only understand Indonesian if you keep practicing it in daily conservation. Indeed, Indonesian is a language with culture and styles, that now has been learning in many big countries such as Australia and Singapore. Thus, you can learn it autodidact by scrolling more theories that we provide it.

Last but not least, Happy learning Bahasa Indonesia. Selamat Malam!