How to Say Goodbye in Indonesian Language

If there is a meeting, there will be a separation. It is a common condition for every single person in this world. Sometimes it is hard to say good bye because it is also express our sadness, that maybe we cannot meet again.

How to Say Goodbye in Indonesian Language

For any formal condition or maybe we just meet the person, it is quite easier to say it as if we just just close a formal conversation.

As you know, it is easy to say good bye in Indonesian language.

It is just said “Selamat tinggal”  for Good bye in Indonesia.

“Selamat” for good and “tinggal” for bye.

In learning Indonesian languange for this case, word “tinggal” have two meaning in English, “tinggal” can be translated into bye or stay. Now, please see below the senteces using “tinggal” as stay:

  • Berapa lama kamu akan tinggal di kota ini? (How long are you gonna stay in this city?)
  • Saat ini saya tinggal di rumah paman saya ( Recently I stay at my uncle’s home)

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So you have to pay attention when using word “tinggal” as good bye or stay. To keep practising using “selamat tinggal” for daily conversation, please read the examples given:

  • Selamat tinggal, sampai berjumpa lagi (Good bye, see you again)
  • Saya sangat menikmati kota ini tapi saya harus mengucapkan selamat tinggal (I really enjoy the city but I have to say good bye)
  • Saya tidak suka mengucapkan selamat tinggal, karena saya yakin kita akan berjumpa lagi ( I don’t like saying good bye because I am sure we will meet again)
  • Selamat tinggal dan semoga sukses (Good bye and good luck)
  • Sangatlah berat mengucapkan selamat tinggal (It is hard to say good bye)
  • Karena waktu tidak mengijinkan, saya harus mengucapkan selamat tinggal (Because time is over, I have to say good bye)
  • Selamat tinggal masa lalu (Good bye my past)
  • Selamat tinggal, semoga selamat sampai tujuan (Good bye, hope you are safe)
  • Saya tidak pandai mengucapkan selamat tinggal (I am not good in saying good bye)
  • Selamat tinggal teman-teman, saya sangat terkesan dengan pertemuan ini (Good bye my friends, I am really impressed with the meeting)
  • Selamat tinggal, sampai jumpa lagi, semoga harimu menyenangkan (Good bye, see you soon, have a great day) 

Actually, there are some other words to express and saying good bye in Bahasa Indonesia, usually in informal way, like “dadah” meaning bye or just saying “bai” with the same meaning as bye as well. For personal purpose, we sometimes add emotional expression on the sentences we say, but in formal condition like say good bye for colleaguess or business partner, just saying “selamat tinggal, sampai berjumpa lagi” and it is enough.

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As mentioned on the previous paragraph that after a meeting there will be a separation, so when you meet someone, you might prepare to say good bye, don’t forget to wish you will meet again some other time.    If you are visiting Indonesia, you will meet friendly and helpful friends here and they won’t be hesitate to be your friend.

After a while staying here, there will be a time for you to leave, either going back to your home town or continue your adventure to other country, so don’t forget to say “Selamat tinggal kawan, sampai bertemu lain waktu” ( farewell buddy, meet you again some other time). That’s how to say goodbye in Indonesian language.