How To Say “Take Care” In Indonesian Language

I hope you already have a few conversation with Indonesian. This article is important in conversation. By reading this article, you can learn how to say take care in Indonesian language.

Take care is simple and nice word. By saying this to people that talk to you, you give them good impression. Usually, you will use this word in the end of your conversation. It is already part of ethics in conversation. Indonesian people also use this word.

In Indonesian language, “take care” translated literally as “hati-hati”.

But, Indonesian people do not say only “hati-hati”. There is also some additional word that depend on the situation.

Some Situation to Say Take Care In Indonesian Language

If you meet below situation, you can learn how to say take care in Indonesian language.

1. If you know people that talk to you will directly travel to some place after the conversation, then you can say:“Hati-hati di jalan!”

Literally this means take take care on your way. By saying this word, you hope he/she will have safe trip.

  • “Hati-hati dalam perjalananmu!” This has same meaning.
  • “Hati-hati di jalan ya!

“Ya” is only additional word that have no special meaning. This is part of casual conversation.

  • “Hati-hati di jalan, kawan!” (Take care, mate!”)
  • Ti-ati di jalan ya!” This is a shorter way to say “Hati-hati
  • Sometimes people in Indonesian say “Titi DJ” (Vowel: Titi Dije) This is abbreviation of “HatiHati Di Jalan”. This is slang language. For more type of slang language, you can read unique indonesian words.

2. If you know people that talk to you will drive any vehicles after the conversation, then you can say also “hati-hati di jalan!”. But, there is some expression that more precision to this situation. You can say”

  • “Hati-hati menyetir!” (“menyetir” = “drive”)
  • “Hati-hati di mobil ya!” (“di mobil” = “at car”)
  • “Ti-ati di motor!” (“di motor” = “at motocycle)

3. In the situation you want to let know your conversation partner to have good health, you usually say take care to him/her. But in Indonesian language, you should need to add some word, such as :

  • “Hati-hati dengan kesehatanmu!” (“Take care with your health”)
  • “Jaga kesehatanmu, Dian (people name)!”

This two sentence has same meaning. This is nice words. By saying this, the people that talk to you care about you.

4. If your concern not only his/her health, but his/her safety, you can say:

  • “Jaga dirimu!” (“Take care of yourself!”)
  • “Jaga dirimu baik-baik ya!” (“Take really care of yourself”)

You also can read:

You can’t just go after you already finish your conversation. This word is good to say to the people that talk to you. Some gesture, such as handshake or smile, should be added. This make this last word meaningful to the person that talk to you. If this is a good conversation, I believe you want to meet him/her again and have next conversation.

Beside take care, there are also some others way to end your conversation. You need to know how to say have a great day in Indonesian also as an alternative.

Now after read this article, I hope you already understand how to say take care in Indonesian language. What are you waiting for? Let’s have conversation with Indonesian!