How to Say Time in Bahasa Indonesia – Important Phrases

It is really important to know how to say about time in any languages. Because we cannot make mistake in term of time and it is sometimes related to schedule, such as the schedule of departure or arrival of flight, schedule of meeting or even schedule of lesson in the class.

After we learn about how to say greetings in different times, such as good night and good afternoon, now we will learn about how to say time in Bahasa Indonesia.

Time divided into several parts, first, we learn about time in wide area, they are:

English – Indonesian

  • Morning : Pagi
  • Noon : Siang
  • Afternoon : Sore
  • Night : Malam
  • Dawn : Subuh

Secondly we learn about time related with clock. Indonesia is divided into three time zones, they are east, central and west. Each time zone distinct one hour. Here are the term that we use to differ the time zone:

  • For East zone we say  as “waktu Indonesia bagian timur” or we say as WIT (we-ee-tee)
  • For Central zone we say as “waktu Indonesia bagian tengah” or say as WITA (wee-ta)
  • For West zone we say as “waktu Indonesia bagian bimur” or say as WIB (we-ee-bee)

There are also some words that you should know related with time in Indonesia language, except we have to know how to pronounce number in Indonesia language. It is quite different to tell about time as English phrase, that  Indonesia language doesn’t have abbreviation of time like a.m. and p.m. We just say it as noon or night to differ the time or just number.

Here more ways to learn:

There are some words related to saying time in Indonesian language

  • Hour –> jam (jaem)
  • Minute –> Menit (meu-nit)
  • Second –> Detik (deu-tik)
  • Past –> Lewat (lee-wat)
  • Before –> Kurang (kuw-rang)
  • Quarter –> Seperempat (seu-per-eim-pat)
  • Half –> Setengah (seu-teu-ngaah)

Indonesian Number in Time 

  • One     : satu
  • Two     : dua
  • Three  : tiga
  • Four    : empat
  • Five     : lima
  • Six       : enam
  • Seven  : tujuh
  • Eight   : delapan
  • Nine    : sembilan
  • Ten      : sepuluh
  • Eleven : sebelas
  • Twelve : dua belas

Except twelve numbers we usually use, sometimes in Indonesian language , we also use another twelve numbers to say about the time, and it is to replace the abbreviation of time for p.m. Here is How to Tell Time in Indonesia

They are:

  • Thirteen   : tiga belas
  • Fourteen  : empat belas
  • Fifteen      : lima belas
  • Sixteen     : enam belas
  • Seventeen: tujuh belas
  • Eighteen : delapan belas
  • Twenty    : dua puluh
  • Twenty one : dua puluh satu
  • Twenty two : dua puluh dua
  • Twenty three: dua puluh tiga
  • Twenty four : dua puluh empat

How to Say Time in Bahasa Indonesia

There are some example to say time in Indonesian language:

  • 01.00 o’clock  : Jam satu
  • 02.00 o’clock : Jam dua
  • 03.00 o’clock : Jam tiga
  • 04.00 o’clock : Jam empat
  • 05.00 o’clock : Jam lima
  • 12.30 : Jam duabelas lewat tiga puluh menit
  • 03.40 : Jam tiga lewat empat puluh menit
  • 17.20 : Jam tujuh belas lewat dua puluh menit/ jam lima lewat dua puluh menit (sore)
  • 21.45 : Jam dua puluh satu lewat empat puluh lima menit/ jam sembilan lewat empat puluh lima menit (malam)
  • 07.00 a.m.: Jam tujuh pagi
  • 08.00 p.m. : Jam delapan malam
  • 11.00 a.m: Jam sebelas siang
  • 16.25 p.m. : Jam enam belas lewat dua puluh lima menit/ jam empat lewat dua puluh lima menit (sore) 

Asking about Time in Bahasa Indonesia 

There are some phrases we use to ask about time:

What time is it?

  • Pukul berapa sekarang? (formal) pronounce:  (puh-kul be-raa-pa seh-ka-rang?)
  • Pukul berapa? (formal) pronounce:  (puh-kul be-raa-pa?)
  • Jam berapa sekarang? (formal/ informal) pronounce: (jaem- be-raa-pa seh-ka-rang?)
  • Jam berapa? (informal) pronounce: (jaem- be-raa-pa?)

Here more examples on how to say time in Bahasa Indonesia: 

  • What time are you coming from the office?
    Jam Berapa kamu datang dari kantor?
  • What time are going to visit your Mr. Andy?
    Jam berapa kamu akan mengunjungi Pak Andy?

Answer about Time in Bahasa Indonesia 

To answering the questions about time, there are some example:

English – Indonesian

  • It is seven o ‘clock – Sekarang jam tujuh tepat
  • It is twelve o’clock – Sekarang jam dua belas tepat
  • It is two p.m. – Sekarang jam dua siang
  • It is five p.m – Sekarang jam lima sore
  • It is three a.m in the morning –  Sekarang jam tiga pagi

Basically it is how to remember about numbers, and also how to know the difference of time to use, and moreover we have to keep practice how to say time in Indonesian language.