How to Say “Too Expensive” in Bali and Examples

Indonesia is the country which has many regions or people called them as provinces. It has 34 provinces with their different tribes’ languages for each.

The languages also have rules, structures, different word and sentences forms. One of the famous provinces in Indonesia is Bali with its tribe’s language which is learnt by many foreigners before they visit the province.

People of Bali or Balinese use and speak by the language named Bali language or Balinese. In Bali language, it has also rules to be used and spoken. The visitors or foreigners need to little some words or phrases when they visit Bali. There are some words and phrases in Bali, one of them is too expensive. Therefore, how to say ‘too expensive’ in Bali?


The meaning of expensive in Bali

  • Expensive in Indonesia: Mahal

Expensive in Balinese:

Expensive > Mahal > Maal (Balinese)

Expensive > Mahal > Mael (Balinese)

  • There are two different pronunciation when people want to say Expensive. They are Maal or Mael.

The meaning of too in Bali

  • Too in Indonesia: terlalu, sekali, sangat

Too in Balinese:

Too > Terlalu > Bes (Balinese)

Too > Sangat > Gati (Balinese)

Too > Sekali > Pesan (Balinese)

Too > Sekali/Amat > Pisan (Balinese)

Too > Sekali/Sangat > Sajaan (Balinese)

Too > Sangat/Amat > Sanget (Balinese)

  • As a phrase, too expensive in Bali can be spoken or expressed in some ways.
  1. (too expensive) = Gati mael, gati maal
  2. (too expensive) = Mael pesan, maal pesan
  3. (too expensive) = Mael pisan, Maal pisan
  4. (too expensive) = Mael sajaan, Maal sajaan

Example of usage:

  1. A: Aji kuda niki? (How much does it cost?)

B: Satus tali (It’s a hundred thousand)

A: Maal gati, pitu dasa tali sadiya? (It’s too expensive, can it be seven thousands rupiah?

  1. Mael pisan sepatunya. (The shoes are too expensive)
  2. Ajeng-ajengan derika maal sajaan. (The foods right there are too expensive)
  3. Haji montornya ing bes maal. (The motorcycle price is too expensive)
  4. Beli, eda matanja bes mael ya… (Mr. please don’t give too expensive price)  
  5. Mael pisan klambi niki, dados kuang, Beli? (The clothes is too expensive, can I get a discount, Mr?)
  6. Berbisik: Kude kelepon niki limang dasa tali. mael pesan, pangampura ing dadiang. (Whispering: This kelepon price is fifty thousand rupiahs. It’s too expensive. Sorry, I cannot buy it).
  7. Kupon niki bes mael. Budal manten! (The ticket is too expensive. Let’s go back!)
  8. Komputer niki mael pisan, sakewala abra. (This computer is too expensive, but it is good).
  9. Tiang ing matatumbasan mobil, mael sajaan. (I don’t buy the car, it’s too expensive).

Note: All the words and sentences are read as same as they are written.

Those are the examples of how to say too expensive in Bali. The phrase of too expensive is the combination of two different words. The meaning of expensive is separated by the meaning of too in Balinese.

The meaning of too has more meaning than expensive. Now, you can express how to say too expensive in Bali. So, any other kind of Bali phrases have you found when you visit Bali?