Indonesian Words for Days of the Week – Meaning

Bahasa Indonesia is a very simple language. It does not have complex grammar rules for time changes. Time markers such as days, week, hours, and so on are used to indicate time changes. Thus, knowing Indonesian days of the week is very important for daily conversation.

Words for Days of the Week

Here are Indonesian words for days of the week:

English Indonesian Pronunciation Class of words
Monday Senin Se-neen Noun
Tuesday Selasa Se-la-sa Noun
Wednesday Rabu Ra-boo Noun
Thursday Kamis Ka-mees Noun
Friday Jumat Joom-at Noun
Saturday Sabtu Sab-too Noun
Sunday Minggu Meeng-goo Noun

In general, Indonesian starts the day with Monday or Senin. It is quite similar to days in Arabic and even some words are adopted from the language. In calendar, the days of the week starts Monday instead of Sunday. Also Learn Indonesian common words.

Indonesian Words Related to Days

Besides learning words for days of the week, there are also some words which are related to days. Learning the time markers in Bahasa Indonesia is important because the language does not have grammatical changes when it comes to time and days.

One way to show when an event takes place is to include the time marker such as yesterday, today, tomorrow, and such. Even though an event happens in the past, there is no verb change to indicate a past event. While you learn more about Indonesian grammatical rules, here are some words related to Indonesian words for days of the week as time markers.

  • Hari – day
  • Sehari-hari – everyday
  • Hari ini – today
  • Minggu – week
  • Satu minggu, seminggu – a week
  • Minggu depan – next week
  • Minggu lalu – last week
  • Kemarin – yesterday
  • Kemarin dulu – the day before yesterday
  • Besok, esok – tomorrow
  • Lusa – the day after tomorrow
  • Bulan – month
  • Tahun – year
  • Pagi – morning
  • Siang – noon
  • Sore – afternoon
  • Malam – evening, night
  • Jam – hour
  • Tanggal – date
  • Hari libur – holiday, day off
  • Akhir pekan, akhir minggu – weekend
  • Hari kerja – weekday 

Indonesian Phrase Examples

Practice makes perfect. The only way you can improve your bahasa Indonesia is through learning. Here are some phrase examples of words of days of the week to use in everyday conversation. Also learn useful Indonesian conversation.

Here are more phrases related to Indonesian words for days of the week:

Indonesia English
Hari ini hari apa? What day today?
Hari ini hari Senin Today is Sunday
Saya masuk sekolah besok I go to school tomorrow
Saya masuk ke sekolah kemarin I went to school yesterday
Kita pergi ke pesta nanti malam We will go to party tonight
Paman John akan datang empat hari lagi Uncle John will arrive in the next four days
Saya sudah memberitahumu kemarin I have told you yesterday
Hari ini hari Sabtu tanggal 16 Desember Today is Saturday December 16
Pada hari minggu pagi On Sunday morning
Saya sudah berkunjung pada akhir pekan lalu I have visited in the last weekend

When leaning A Student’s Guide to Indonesian Grammar, time markers such as week, days, and hours are very important. You need to always include time markers especially for past and future event.