A-Z Indonesian Words for Fruits – Meaning

Indonesia is rich in exotic tropical fruits which you may never taste. When visiting Indonesia, it is important to try the local fruits and you will be surprised with the taste. Here are some Indonesian words for fruits that you should try when visit Indonesia. Also see Indonesian words for body parts.


  • Anggur – grapes
  • Alpukat – avocado
  • Apel – apple
  • Apricot – apricot
  • Asam jawa – tamarind
  • Arbei – blackberry


  • Belimbing – starfruit
  • Bengkuang – yam beam, jicama, Mexican turnip
  • Bluberi – blueberry
  • Blewah – cantaloupe
  • Buah naga – dragonfruit
  • Buah ara – fig


  • Ceri, buah ceri – cherry


  • Delima – pomegranate
  • Durian – durian
  • Duku – dukuh


  • Frambus, frambozen – raspberry


  • Genitu/kenitu – custard apple


  • Jambu – guava
  • Jambu air – rose apple
  • Jeruk – orange, citrus
  • Jeruk nipis – key lime
  • Jeruk bali – pomelo


  • Kedongdong – Ambarella
  • Kelengkeng – longan
  • Kelapa – coconut
  • Kiwi – kiwi
  • Kurma – date


  • Leci – lychee
  • Lemon – lemon


  • Mangga – mangosteen
  • Markisa – passionfruit
  • Manggis – mangosteen
  • Mentimun – cucumber
  • Melon – melon  


  • Nanas – pineapple
  • Nangka – jackfruit


  • Persik – peach
  • Papaya – papaya
  • Pir – pear
  • Pisang – banana
  • Plum, buah plum – plum


  • Rambutan – rambutan


  • Salak – snake-skin fruit
  • Sawo – sapodilla fruit
  • Semangka – watermelon
  • Stroberi – strawberry


  • Terong belanda – Tamarillo
  • Tomat – tomato

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Indonesian Words Related to Fruits

Here are related words to Indonesian words for fruits:

  • Manis – sweet
  • Pahit – bitter
  • Masam – sour
  • Getir – acrid
  • Mentah – under ripe, raw
  • Matang – ripe
  • Manisan – pickled, candied
  • Kulit buah – peel

Fruits in Indonesian Eatery

Most of the time, fruits are eaten directly as desert. But fruits are also widely consumed in the form of juice. The juice may be slightly different from what you usually have because Indonesians like to add rock ice, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and sometimes even vanilla ice cream into the juice. It is surely not the healthiest drink option, but it indeed is delicious.

Some people also fry some fruits as a snack which you can easily find across the country. For example fried banana or pisang goreng, fried jackfruit or nangka goreng in which both are popular snacks. Other famous snacks using fruits are nagasari which is a custard pudding with banana covered in banana leaf. Sometimes fruits are also cooked into sweet soup called kolak such as kolak pisang, kolak nangka, and more. There are also some fruits usually used for fruit soup or sup buah and fruit salad such as watermelon, melon, nangka, strawberry, avocado, and dragon fruits.

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One interesting way to eat fruit in Indonesian is rujak. Rujak is like a fruit salad but use spicy palm sugar sauce instead of mayonnaise. The fruits for rujak are mostly under ripe fruits such as under ripe papaya and mango. In some places, fruits are also served in the form of preserved, sweetened, or candied which called manisan buah. Some fruits are also made into chips or keripik which is also a famous fruit dish in Indonesia.

Those are Indonesian fruits name that you should know. Some fruits may be similar to English while some other may not well-known in western.