Is It True That The Indonesian Language Doesn’t Have A Word to Express or Say “Tomorrow”?

Indonesia is rich with its tribes, cultures, and languages. Becoming the country with the widest sea, Indonesia applies Indonesian language to gather all tribes’ language.

Alike other international or famous language, Indonesian language has different types of word form to be used in formal or informal way. In Indonesian language, people can find the word form like noun, verb, adverb, or adjective as same as one of the international language, English.

If people are talking about the word form, there is a word form called adverb which is divided into some types of adverb. One of the type of adverb named adverb of time. Adverb of time has the function to complete the verb by the word which has the correlation for telling the time.

Indonesia has also its adverb of time, especially if people are talking about ‘tomorrow’ time as it is talking in English. However, is it true that Indonesian language doesn’t have a word to express or say tomorrow? The answer is not true.

The fact is Indonesian language has a word to express or say the word tomorrow. But what is the meaning of tomorrow in Indonesian language?

The Word Tomorrow in Indonesian Language

The meaning from Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI: The Big Indonesian Language Dictionary) is tomorrow has the meaning of besok.

Tomorrow: Besok / hari setelah hari ini / esok hari / esok / hari esok (adverb)

Tomorrow in Indonesian language has also another meaning. The meaning of besok in Indonesia can be a time for future which means masa depan. This meaning is used when someone gives the advice to other people about what is important for future.

The word besok can be also combined with other adverb of time such as, besok pagi (tomorrow morning), besok siang (tomorrow afternoon, besok malam (tomorrow night).

The Expressions and How to Say Tomorrow in Indonesian Language

Indonesian (Formal) English
Apa yang akan kamu lakukan besok? What are you going to do tomorrow?
Apa yang akan kamu lakukan besok? What will you do tomorrow?
Esok adalah hari ulang tahunmu, ingat? Tomorrow is your birthday, remember?
Untuk hari esok yang lebih baik Tomorrow, for the better future
Kamu harus menabung esok yang lebih baik You have to save your money for your better furure
Esok hari cuaca akan cerah The weather will good tomorrow
Gilang akan mendapat pekerjaan baru setelah hari ini Gilang will get the new job tomorrow
Sampai jumpa, esok hari! See you tomorrow!
Ayah akan datang besok pagi dari kampung halaman Daddy will come tomorrow morning from hometown
Ibu memasak rendang besok malam Mom is going to cook Rendang tomorrow night
Indonesian (Informal) English
A: Mau kapan lo bayar hutangnya?

B: Besok deh!

A: Besok, besok, besok aja terus!

A: When will you pay your debt?

B: Tomorrow!

A: Tomorrow, tomorrow, say it again tomorrow!

Besok-besok enggak usah ikut jika merepotkan! Don’t come with me if you are troublesome!

Therefore, Indonesian language has its meaning of tomorrow which means besok.

The word besok can be combined to other adverb of time such as morning, evening, or afternoon. Now, people can use or speak besok to express and say tomorrow in Indonesian language.