What Language Is Easier To Learn for Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker?

A Native Speaker is someone who uses specific language as his or her daily language for instance Native English Speakers, someone who can be called an English Native Speaker is a person or population who uses English in their daily life and usually these people come from countries such as England, America, New Zealand, Australia, […]

Will Dutch-Derived Indonesian Words be Slowly Displaced by Their English-Derived/Indonesian Equivalents

Remember your History lesson, folks! Because today we are going to talk not only about Indonesian but also Dutch and English. Why bring the Dutch in? Well, Indonesia experienced a long colonial history under Dutch rule. Their long period of existence in Indonesia then affected the culture, including language. Dutch has left an extensive imprint on […]

Why Do Malaysians and Singaporeans Refer to Indonesians as “Indon”?

As we know, other people in most of countries in the world call Indonesian people as “Indonesian”. However, for Malaysians and Singaporeans, it is a little different. They usually refer to Indonesians as “indon”. It is not a secret that most of Indonesian don’t like to be called indon. You might be curious why do […]

Before the Use of The Roman Alphabet, Was There An Indigenous Script for Bahasa Indonesia?

If you are learning Indonesian some of you might wonder if there are any indigenous script that dated long before any Roman alphabet in Indonesia. Does Indonesia have a special script or an indigenous script like in Thailand or Myanmar? So, the answer to the question: Before the use of the Roman alphabet, was there […]

For A Non-Native Bahasa Speaker, Which One Is Easier to Learn: Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Malaysia?

For many non-native Bahasa speaker especially those who have very little experience in traveling to these regions, many will think that Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia sounds very similar. It is true that both languages come from similar roots, and some might say can find a mix of both languages in a certain region. Bahasa […]

Why Do Indonesians Like to Write and Say Things in Broken English Amongst Fellow Indonesians? Why Not Just Use Indonesian?

Indonesian language and traditional Indonesian language are used widely in Indonesia. All of Indonesian people can understand Indonesian, so this language is used the most. However, sometimes we can hear people in Indonesia use broken English in their daily lives, especially in the big cities. We sometimes wonder why they use broken English instead of […]

How Often Do Indonesians Speak Indonesian? How Often Do They Speak Their Local Language?

As we all know, there are many languages spoken in Indonesia, despite of having the national language, Indonesian language. There are hundreds of local language in Indonesia. This local languages are already spoken by local people since long time ago. Even several elderly people can only speak local language. You might be curious about how […]

Why Don’t Many Indonesians Speak Dutch?

Long time ago, for around 3.5 centuries from around 1600 until around 1900 Indonesian was colonized by the Dutch. 3.5 centuries is a very long time. During the time, many of Indonesians interact and meet Dutch people. However, nowadays, we can’t easily find Indonesian people, even the elder that can speak Dutch fluently. In addition, […]

What Languages Are Closest to Indonesian Language Beside Malaysian Language?

As we all already know, Indonesian language are very similar with Malaysian language. Although the dialect and several of the words are different, Indonesian and Malaysian people can understand each other because of the similarity. Indonesian and Malaysian languages are both a form of modern Malay language. This explains the similarity between the two languages. […]

Do Indonesian Learn Local Language at School? And How They Do It?

Indonesia is the largest archipelago state in the world. Each region in Indonesia have their own culture and tradition. This culture includes local language. There are more than 700 languages spoken in Indonesia. This number does not include extinct languages or languages that are not spoken by the people anymore. Although Indonesia has one national […]