What Are The Major Languages Spoken in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the few countries who has huge amount of languages spoken by its people. There are around 700 languages used by Indonesian. The numerous amounts of languages in Indonesia are mainly caused by its wide diversity of tribe and culture. Almost each tribe in Indonesia has their own language that is different […]

Why do Indonesian (people) Refer to Indonesian (language) as Bahasa Which Literally Means “Language” in English?

There is misunderstanding among Bahasa Indonesia learner on calling Bahasa Indonesia. Many foreigners, even Indonesians themselves, are referring Bahasa Indonesia as simply Bahasa. But, there are some people refer it as Indonesian. So, which one is the correct one? We will discuss it in the following part. Quotes from First President of Indonesia Teaching Indonesian […]

Learn about Numbers in Javanese – Vocabularies and Examples

There are a lot of topics when we learn a new language. One of the crucial thing that we have to learn is numbering. In learning English, numbering is taught before the children get to learn in school. In this case, the parents or caregiver take a role. What about learning another language? It applies […]

What is the Different Between Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu

Welcome back! Have you ever confused with these terms: ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ and ‘Melayu’. Both share similarities, but also consist significant differences. Although Bahasa Indonesia was derived from Melayu (as well as Melayu used by Malaysian), most Indonesian would not call their language as Melayu because the name ‘Indonesia’ is part of national identity (also Melayu […]

Indonesian High Context Culture – Communication – Tradition

Hi! Welcome back! Do you know that every language in the world could not be separated with their context, especially in terms of communication. They related to when, where, who as well as the culture itself. As a diverse country, of course there is general Indonesian High Context Culture and some specific one. Indonesian High […]

Indonesian Language Abbreviations – Examples and Meaning

Hi! Welcome back! As you may found, abbreviation makes communication become easier and efficient. However, you should understand about the abbreviation form of a word. Therefore, we will learn about Indonesian Language Abbreviations because it is very common to be found in the daily life. Some of it might be considered as formal abbreviation, but […]

Indonesian Word Derivation – The Origins and Development

Bahasa Indonesia is rooted from Malay languages which is also the same root language used in Malaysia. Besides rooted from Malay language, bahasa Indonesia also absorbed words from other languages which is known as loanwords. Absorbing words from other languages is mostly because of trading, colonization, or simply due to cultural influence. Here’s the material […]

Contrastive Analysis Between English and Indonesian Language

Selamat Pagi! As you know, language is a a unique product of culture. On the other hand, contrastive analysis is a way of contrasting and comparing two languages, which means we try to find not only the differences, but also the similarities between both languages. You have learned Indonesian to English Grammar. However, comparison between […]

Indonesian Homonyms – Examples – Meaning

Welcome back! When you learned about a certain language, you might also found a unique phenomena. One of it is a homonym or a situation when two/more words that have same pronunciation and spelling but have different literal meaning. Therefore, sometimes you need to decide which meaning is referred by the word. Here are the […]

A-Z Indonesian Acronyms – Examples and Meaning

Hi, welcome back again! After deep exploration about Indonesian Phonology, including Indonesian Phonetics and Its Theory as well as Indonesian Phonemes, it is the right time to learn about another branch of linguistics–Morphology. It is a linguistics branch that study about word forming (study about morphemes). You may have learned some of it in Mastering […]