Indonesian Homophone – Understanding – Example

Welcome back! You have learned Indonesian to English Grammar as well as about Giving Directions in Indonesian and many more. What else do we need to learn? I tell you, there’s plenty. But, this time let’s focus to more specific linguistics lesson, which is about Indonesian Homophone. What is homophone? Homo means ‘same’ and phone […]

Learn Indonesian Phonetics – Theory – Examples

Hi! Welcome back! Ready for new lesson? After you have learned another basic Indonesian linguistics comprehension in Indonesian Phonemes, this time we will visit another part of phonology, which is about Indonesian Phonetics. As you know, unlike animals or plants, humans were given a different speaking anatomy as well as innate language device that made […]

English Phonology vs Indonesian Phonology – Learn with Experts

Let’s learn about Indonesian Phonology. What is phonology? Sometimes people got confused between phonology (phonemes) and alphabets. However, to learn about phonology you should also master Indonesian Alphabets. To shorten time, the main difference of phonemes and alphabets are their form. Phonemes is set of language sounds/speech sounds, while alphabets is the symbol. On the […]