Christmas Greetings in Indonesian – Useful Phrases

As in other countries, Christmas is celebrated in Indonesia also. Since the beginning of December, sometimes even earlier, you can see many sign of Christmas in Indonesia, especially in shopping center. Christmas is one of the big religious festive in Indonesia. That’s why you need to know Christmas Greetings in Indonesian when you learn about […]

100+ Common Indonesian Words for Tourists

Learning Bahasa Indonesian is important for those who travel to the country. Even though you cannot speak bahasa fluently, but at least you should know the basic words or phrase for tourist. Knowing simple Indonesian words for tourists will make your trip goes according to the plan. Here are some Indonesian words for tourists that […]

3 Types of Indonesian Verb Phrase with Examples

As stated in many other articles, to form a sentence you should put at least two components which are subject and verb. In Indonesian, the two main components are Subjek and Predikat. This predikat is consisted by Indonesian verbs. So it is basically the same. Predikat could be formed by a single verb, or a […]

50 Indonesian Phrases for Travellers You Should Know

Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa website! Here we are helping you to learn Indonesian language! In this article we are going to teach you Indonesian phrases for travellers. If you need more common conversation in Indonesia, you can check Conversation in Indonesian. As a traveler, we believe you are seeking for a journey. A journey means […]

50 Useful Common Phrases in Indonesian

Travelling in Indonesia? Or becoming a transfer student in Indonesia? Then, welcome to Indonesia! The place where you can find so many cultures and foods. There are so many travel destination you can visit too! You will have lots of good memories once you visit Indonesia. Sadly, not all Indonesians understand the global language, English.So, […]

100 Indonesian Phrases and Common Sentences

Selamat datang! Welcome to Mastering Bahasa. The best website that gives you a lot of materials that help you to gain your knowledge about Indonesian. This time we will learn about Indonesian phrases and common sentences. What is phrases based on Indonesian dictionary? Phrases is group of words or combinations of two or more words […]