Phrases for Formal Letter Writing In Indonesian

Hello, everyone? How are you today? We hope all of you is alright and in the good condition. Well, today we will guide you how to make a formal letter in Indonesian and also learn about the phrases for formal letter writing in Indonesian. Last day, we already know about how to write an effective email […]

How to Order Online Taxibike (Ojek) in Indonesian language

Hi good people! I hope you all doing well. Today we are going to learn one important thing in Indonesian day-to-day life, which is how to do basic conversation when ordering an Online Taxibike (Ojek) in Indonesian Language. What’s Ojek in Indonesia?  What is Online Ojek? The word “Ojek” means taxibike, it simply like a […]

A-Z List of Indonesian Phrases – Vocabularies – Examples

Hello there, are you still excited how to learn Bahasa Indonesia? Now, we will learn some other list of Indonesian phrases. The previous lesson we already learn about the list of loanwords in Indonesian,  the list of cities in Indonesian, the list of English words from Indonesian origin and even how to say darling in Indonesian. Today we will learn on the […]

How to Bargaining in Indonesian Language – Phrase – Example

Hi everyone! I hope you all doing well. Today we’re going to learn one important skills in Indonesian daily life, which is how to bargaining in Indonesian language. Shopping is fun activity to do in Indonesia. Especially if we find that the prices is good for our pocket. But, we have to know how to […]

How Do You Say You Are Welcome in Balinese – Phrase and Pronunciation

Learning about other foreign language is always very interesting. Especially if you have a plan to come to the country. In Indonesia, one of the most famous tourist destination among international travelers is Bali Island. Bali island is a small island near Java island that surrounded by beautiful beach. Bali is also have mount Agung […]

How Do You Say Thank You Very Much in Balinese? Phrase and Definition

Om Swastiastu. Indonesia is a large country that consists of many island. Because of this, Indonesia has many people that speak in different traditional language. Several of the languages are similar with the other. We will discuss about traditional language in Bali, Balinese. On this article, we will discuss about how do you say thank […]

How to Say “I Don’t Speak Indonesian” in Indonesian – Examples – Phrase

I’m sure you already know several useful Indonesian phrases. However, if you still have difficulty in understanding Indonesian, you still have to say it and use the international language. If you are not confident enough yet, you can say that you don’t speak Indonesian and that is okay. Learn from explanation below to know how […]

How to Say I Don’t Know in Indonesian – Phrase – Definition

I don’t know is a quite common phrase in English. You say this phrase when you don’t know the answer of people’s question towards you. Read explanation below to know how to say I don’t know in Indonesian. Indonesia has several ways to say it, formal and informal depends on with whom you want to […]

How to Say You’re Welcome in Indonesian – Phrase – Example

You have learned how to say thank you in Indonesian. You can read it again if you want to refresh your memory. After saying thank you, the other person will say you’re welcome in English. What will happen if you are getting the opposite role? You have to say you’re welcome in Indonesian. There are […]

How to Say Darling in Indonesian – Phrase – Definition

Hello guys! Welcome to Mastering Bahasa, the best way to learn Indonesian Language through online. You can learn Bahasa Indonesia easily here for free. Now I am going to show you how to say darling in Indonesian. Here is how to get started! The word of Darling in English means ‘sayang’ in Indonesian. It is an […]