How to Say No in Indonesian – Phrases and Examples

“Yes” or “No” have the similar usage in the expression of affirmative and negative. According to Wikipedia, in linguistics and grammar, affirmation and negation are the ways that grammar encode negative and positive polarity in verb phrases, clauses, or other utterances. Essentially an affirmative; (positive) form is used to express the validity or truth of […]

What is “Mbak” Meaning in Indonesian Language? Learn It Here!

As a foreigner, perhaps you feel comfortable and used to call other people directly by their names. You can call your mom by her name, you can call your dad by his name, and you can call your brothers and sisters by their names. But you will rarely see that happening here in Indonesia. Eastern […]

How to Write A Phrase in Bahasa Indonesia – Clear Examples and Explanation

Before we get to learn on how to write a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia, we have to know that Bahasa Indonesia has eight part of speech. They are Indonesian noun ( nomina), Indonesian pronoun (pronomina), Indonesian adjective ( kata sifat), Indonesian verb (kata kerja), Indonesian adverb (adverbia), Indonesian preposition (preposisi), Indonesian conjunction (konjungsi), Indonesian interjection ( […]

How to Say Thank You in Balinese – Phrases and Examples

Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands. That’s why you will not only hear the Indonesian language when you go to this country. Whenever you move around across cities in each island, you might already find a whole different language and accent. In this article, we’re going to talk a part of Balinese language. […]

How to Say “No Problem” in Indonesia – Phrases and Examples

At the point when in Indonesia, you will not be amazed when somebody abruptly say “Sorry to learn you, however…,” “I apologize previously for… ,” or “Please pardon me if there is anything incorrectly… “. Sounds natural? At the point when Indonesian individuals compose letters, messages, talks, or anything of the sort, it is nearly […]

Learn about Numbers in Javanese – Vocabularies and Examples

There are a lot of topics when we learn a new language. One of the crucial thing that we have to learn is numbering. In learning English, numbering is taught before the children get to learn in school. In this case, the parents or caregiver take a role. What about learning another language? It applies […]

How to Ask ‘How Much’ in Indonesian – Shopping Phrases

In our daily life, we always do our own activities such as working, studying, playing, and also shopping. we often go shopping to a shop/store, supermarket, or traditional market. If you want to buying something, you surely check the pricetag below the product, right? then, how if you go for shopping in traditional market and […]

How to say “Welcome” in Bahasa Indonesia – Phrases and Gestures

If you know how to say “Welcome” in Bahasa Indonesia, then everything would be easier. Imagine that you can welcome you friend, or your Indonesian friend to your hotel or wherever you stay. Thus, welcoming people in Bahasa Indonesia is quite important for you to learn. Indonesian people like to say welcome to any foreigner. […]

A-Z Basic Balinese Phrases and Examples – Easy to Learn

Om Swastyastu. Welcome back. As a main tourist destination in the world, learning Balinese phrases and examples is as important as learning Indonesian pronunciation of basic words of Bahasa Indonesia. Therefore, you should also master some important Balinese phrases. You won’t miss opportunity to visit Bali when you have a plan to go Indonesia, right? […]

Learn The Balinese Phrases and Pronunciation – Brief Examples

Om Swastyastu. In Indonesia, Bali is the biggest international tourist destination because its beach (and scenery) as well as it beautiful culture and people. Even the local language found Bali to be their main destination in Indonesia. Of course, beside learning Bahasa Indonesia, you should also get familiar with some Balinese phrases and pronunciation. Therefore, […]