Learning Indonesian Alphabets Easy and Fast

Indonesia is a unique language with characteristics of Indonesian language. With how many languages are there in Indonesia languages existing in the Indonesian archipelago, Indonesian is the official language chosen for this nation. You might have read or learned that Indonesia used to be under Dutch colonization. During those times, the Latin alphabet which was already used […]

How to Pronounce Indonesian Words – Types

So, you have learned how to pronounce Indonesian alphabets and now moving on to pronounce Indonesian words. You may be asking How to Pronounce Indonesian Names? In general, Indonesian words pronunciation is not very difficult because it is spoken exactly as it is written. However, because English and Indonesian alphabets have a different way of pronunciation, there […]

How to Pronounce Indonesian Names – Structures

As you have learned how to pronounce Indonesian alphabets, the next step is learning to pronounce Indonesian names. It is important to note that Indonesian names are completely different from western naming standard. In general, Indonesians only use one name or mononymic name, two names without a family name or polynymic, and polynymic with the […]

Learn Indonesian (me-) Prefix with Experts

Every word have their own meaning, what if we added some prefix into it? will it change? here is the answer. In Indonesia there is a lot of prefix that we can add to the words, but the most common prefix that we will see is Indonesian me– prefix. First of all we have to […]

Indonesian Language Pronunciation Guide

What is The Indonesian Alphabet? The Indonesian alphabet and language has gone through some changes in the last few years. In 1972, the government made changes on the spelling system due to some reasons. The changes, however, is made to make the language easier to learn and spell. Nowadays, how to talk with Indonesian is […]

20 Ways on How to Learn Bahasa Fast (Indonesian Language)

The word “Bahasa” in English is basically used to refer to both Malaysian and Indonesian. Yet, Indonesian language is almost same like Malay language, but it’s totally different from its grammar, meaning, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary. Well, Indonesian language sources of loanwords from many languages. History of Bahasa  Indonesian is different from Malay in Malaysia […]