150 Indonesian Idioms and Proverbs with Complete Meaning

Every language has its own uniqueness. One factor that makes Bahasa Indonesia unique is the diversity of the vocabulary. Indonesian vocabulary can be used in the root form or adding prefix and suffix. In some cases, Indonesian vocabulary can also be combined with other vocabularies and form idioms and proverbs. For foreign people leaning Bahasa […]

Indonesian Figure of Speech – Types – Definitions – Examples

In almost any language, there is always figure of speech. In Bahasa Indonesia, figure of speech is known as majas. Majas is a kind of imagery or figurative speech which usually used to strengthen the impression of a sentence both written and speech and trigger imaginative sense for the audiences. Also learn about Indonesian proverbs […]

80 Indonesian Popular Phrases to Know – Meaning

I know that you are doing great in learning Indonesian phrases as you are able to pronounce Indonesian words correctly and understand Indonesian grammar exercise. But have you learn Indonesian popular phrases? Well, using Indonesian phrases is not crucial as you can go literal in everyday life, but using the phrase will make you sound […]