How to Use “Adalah” in Bahasa Indonesia – Formula – Examples

Hello everyone ! Hope you have a good day. Before we are going to discuss the topic of this article i would like you to read and understand these example i’ve been written down, please pay attention to the words written with bold line: I am his daughter. (Aku adalah anak perempuannya.) This is my […]

How to Ask “Do You Speak English” in Indonesian

Travelling is the best choice to spend our holiday. There are some countries which can be a choice for spending holiday, one of them is Indonesia. When you go travelling, language is the first problem that will appear. If you go travelling to the country that makes English as foreign language,not daily language, you have […]

11 Differences between Indonesian and English Grammar

Grammar can be considered as the bone of a language. It rules the language in a way people can understand it. Every language has its own grammar even though it comes in different form. Indonesia has been said as one of few languages with easiest grammar. However, the grammar is still there when you want […]

Indonesian Grammar Exercise – Formula – Example

Bahasa Indonesia is considered as a language with no complex grammatical rules. There is no verbs changing, words gender differences, and the like. It should be pretty easy to learn Indonesian grammar. Learning Indonesian grammar is important to construct Indonesian sentence. Also learn more about Indonesian sentence structure. Indonesian Sentence Construction Indonesian sentence construction can […]

5 Basic for A Student’s Guide to Indonesian Grammar

Many people think that Indonesian Grammar is the thing that makes the language quite difficult to learn. Many people think that any language has complicated grammar rules like English. The fact is, learning Bahasa Indonesia does not have to be that difficult. The key to learn Indonesian grammar is to start with the basic. Learn […]