How to Say “Really” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Hello great people, hope you a have great day today. The word Really can be translated into several meanings in Indonesian. how to say Really in Indonesian? Really: Sangat (formal) Sungguh (formal) Benar-benar Amat (Informal) Really? Beneran? (Informal) Amat (a.mat). Amat is one of formal words used to describe really. Lalu lintas di Jakarta amat padat dan tidak […]

“Sih” Meaning in Indonesian – Slang Word – Examples

Indonesian language is a very unique language. People use informal words for daily conversations a lot. The informal words sometimes confusing foreigners and sometimes hard to understand the meaning. The informal particles used also become characteristic of Indonesian people unconsciously. One of the memorable is word “sih”. This word become a unique characteristics of Indonesian […]