How to Say Younger Sister in Indonesia – Examples – Vocabularies

Hello everyone ! How’s your day? I hope it was great For Indonesian people applying greeting etiquette is very important. This is as a representation your attitude when you had a conversation towards someone either they are older or younger than you. That is why before you start forward to learn Indonesian language, you will […]

Indonesian Reading Practice – Formula – Examples

Hi! Let’s improve our reading skills today, shall we? Have you learned about Indonesian written language? Written language is just as important as learning basic Indonesian conversation or vocabulary. It helps a lot in reading and writing sentences. To learn reading, it’s very important that you get the basics of Indonesian sentence formula and structure. […]

Indonesian Suffix -Nya – Formula – Examples

Let’s learn more about Indonesian grammar! You might have read about Indonesian prefixes and infixes, now let’s learn about suffixes. Suffixes are a set of letters you add to the end of a root word. The suffix we’ll focus on today is “-nya” This suffix has some different uses in Indonesian language and we’ll go […]

8 Easy Ways to Learn Indonesian Language in A Day

When you came to the foreign country, especially to Indonesia, you must be found some word in their language. For example, ‘Selamat Datang’ in many public places, as a form of using Indonesian Language to greeting visitor from anywhere. It will be different if you live in Indonesia for a long time. Whether you want […]

Learn Indonesian Active and Passive Sentence with Examples

English have two types of sentence if being overlooked based on the subject. They are active voice and passive voice. Active voice is where the subject of the sentence does an action to the object of the sentence. On the other hand, a passive voice is where the positions of subject and object are being […]