Which ASEAN Languages Are Closest to the Filipino Languages Aside from Malay and Indonesian?

Let’s us start this topic with the explanation of Filipino languages themselves. All of us probably would have heard about Tagalog as one of the languages used in Philippines or even believe that it is the sole language there, but what about others? Or even is there any other languages? As a matter of fact, […]

Do Indonesians Understand the Malay Language? Are They Language Sound The Same?

Do Indonesians understand the Malay language? The simplest answer is: Yes, they do. However, the understanding is only to a certain extent. Why is that? Let’s break it down so we can comprehend further about what make it different yet understandable. Historical The first and foremost thing we need to know is that Indonesian and […]

Indonesian Sentence Construction – Formula – Exercise

Halo, selamat datang kembali di MasteringBahasa! For today, we are going to sharpen our skills in Indonesian sentence construction. You might have read about Indonesian sentence structure as well as basics of Indonesian grammar. Let’s learn how to build Indonesian sentences the right way today! The good news is, constructing Indonesian sentences is actually relatively […]