What is Sama-Sama in Indonesian? Examples – Phrase

Now we are going to learn another topic about Bahasa Indonesia terms that are commonly used in daily conversation. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are phrases that commonly mean two or more different definitions. One of these many phrases is sama-sama. The phrase sama-sama in Bahasa Indonesia is very common to be used in colloquial conversation. […]

Indonesian Simple Future Tense – Formula – Examples

Welcome back! After learning about Indonesian Present Tense and Indonesian Past Tense, now let’s move to the third part of tenses, which is about Indonesian Simple Future Tense. Like the others, Indonesian Simple Future Tenses also has same Indonesian Grammar Structures with other tenses. The only main differences are the Indonesian Auxiliary Verbs that are equal […]

Indonesian Past Tense – Formula – Examples

Welcome back! What is one of the main Differences between Indonesian and English Grammar? Yes, you are right! Tenses. In English, you know three types of tenses (past, present, future), including its variation. However, Bahasa Indonesia do not have strict rules in terms of tenses. Therefore, the past, present and future as well as simple, […]

Indonesian Present Tense – Formula – Example

Apa kabar? I hope you are fine and more curious to learn Bahasa Indonesia! Present tense. Majority of language learning will be start with present simple tense. But, what about Indonesian present tense? Two words. It is simple and present. Learning about it neither hard nor more complex than Indonesian Grammar Structures for Beginners. There […]

Learn Indonesian (me-) Prefix with Experts

Every word have their own meaning, what if we added some prefix into it? will it change? here is the answer. In Indonesia there is a lot of prefix that we can add to the words, but the most common prefix that we will see is Indonesian me– prefix. First of all we have to […]