Learn How to Say Good Evening in Indonesian with Examples

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Learn 20 Colours in Indonesian Language with Examples

Colours are part of our everyday life. They are one of the categories of basic Indonesian words beginners should know. In daily conversations, we’ll definitely include colours when we want to describe something more specifically to the people we talk to. Are you familiar with colour vocabulary in Indonesian? Check out the table below to […]

6 Ways on How to Speak Indonesian Words Fast

When diving into a new language like How to talk with Indonesian Like A Pro, you’ll definitely learn many new vocabularies. The pronunciation of these words might even sound strange at first as the sounds might be different from your mother tongue. In this article, we’ll take a look at some basic Indonesian words  for […]

How to Tell Time in Indonesia – Vocabulary – Phrases

Welcome back to MasteringBahasa! In our previous article about Indonesian Common Verbs, we have discussed about Indonesian Verbs. This article is related to that article. Why? Because we will discuss How to Tell Time in Indonesian Language. In our previous article about Indonesian Questions , we have discussed how to tell time with the question word of […]

Learn Indonesian Negations Phrases from The Experts

Berjumpa lagi di Mastering Bahasa! Hello there, fellow travelers! If you have been following us, then welcome back here! We are glad to see you again in this site. Anyway, if you are new, then we are glad to say welcome and join us to learn Bahasa Indonesia. This article topic is Indonesian negations! MasteringBahasa […]

99 List of Indonesian Slang Words and How to Say it

Have you ever heard about various slang words and language in Indonesian? If you haven’t heard about it, you may need to learn that and understand what its meaning. Slang language, according to Swan (2005; 526), slang language is a very informal kind of vocabulary, used mostly in speech by people who know each other […]

900 Lists of Basic Indonesian Vocabulary – Types – Examples

Nowadays, learning languages is very important as we remember that all people communicate by using languages. Languages exists since we were babies. God created languages so we know how to speak and understand each other. One of languages that you should know and learn is ‘’bahasa Indonesia’ of Indonesian. You have to know that Indonesia […]