50 Useful Common Phrases in Indonesian

Travelling in Indonesia? Or becoming a transfer student in Indonesia? Then, welcome to Indonesia! The place where you can find so many cultures and foods. There are so many travel destination you can visit too! You will have lots of good memories once you visit Indonesia.

Sadly, not all Indonesians understand the global language, English.So, if you happened to be in Indonesia, you have to understand Indonesian. But don’t be afraid! If you take a look on our article about how to learn Indonesian Grammar you will understand that Indonesian language is not that hard. In fact, Indonesian language does not require a lot of grammar structures to be memorized. So don’t hesitate to visit Indonesia and speak Indonesian! Don’t hesitate to learn Indonesian language! Don’t hesitate to explore the country with Indonesian common phrases in you mind!

In this article we will guide you to understand lists of common phrases in Indonesian structures that are useful in daily conversation. Basically, common Indonesian phrases have no big differences with common English phrases. Talking in Indonesian is just as simple like talking in English. In fact, Indonesian phrases are much simpler than English phrases! You can check our article for Indonesian Phrases and Common Sentences to see how simple common phrases in Indonesian are.

But here, in this article, we will guide you for the usage of common phrases in Indonesia. As you can see from the title, this article will show you the common phrases that are useful for daily usage in any kind of conversation. Let’s start!

If you are staying in Indonesia for a while, make sure to use these phrases in your daily conversation. So, let’s learn common phrases in Indonesian!

Indonesian Phrases[/th] [th]Meaning

Selamat Pagi.[/td] [td]Good Morning

Selamat Siang.[/td] [td]Good Afternoon

Selamat Sore.[/td] [td]Good Evening

Selamat Malam.[/td] [td]Selamat Sore

Salam Kenal.[/td] [td]Nice to meet you.

Senang Berkenalan.[/td] [td]Nice to meet you.

Apa Kabar?[/td] [td]How are you?

Bagaimana Kabarmu?[/td] [td]How do you do?

Aku Senang.[/td] [td]I am Happy.

Aku Sedih.[/td] [td]I am Sad.

Aku Marah.[/td] [td]I am Angry.

Aku Bingung.[/td] [td]I am confused.

Tolong Aku.[/td] [td]Help me.

Aku Mohon.[/td] [td]I am begging you.

Terima Kasih.[/td] [td]Thank You.

Aku Puas.[/td] [td]I am Satisfied.

Sampai Jumpa.[/td] [td]Good bye.

Sampai Nanti.[/td] [td]See you around.

Sampai Bertemu.[/td] [td]See you Soon.

Hati-hati.[/td] [td]Be careful.

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Indonesian Common Greeting Phrases

In this part you will learn to greet people according to the time, here are common phrases in Indonesian and how to use it:

  1. Selamat Pagi (Good Morning) 
    We always start our day in the morning. We meet many people; whether they are our family, our friend, or our beloved ones. Let’s make their day as bright as the rising sun by greet them with “Good Morning“! Just like English, Indonesians also greet people “good morning”. How to say good morning in Indonesian? In Indonesia, it is common to say “Selamat Pagi” to greet people in the morning. So never hesitate to greet people with “Selamat Pagi!” if you are in Indonesia.
  2. Selamat Siang (Good Afternoon)
    In our busy days, we will meet more and more people. Why don’t greet them? To bright their day, simply greet them with “Selamat Siang” to them “Selamat Siang” has equal meaning “Good Afternoon“. If you are able to say “Good Afternoon“, then it will be so simple to say it in Indonesian too, “Selamat Siang“.
  3. Selamat Sore (Good Evening)
    After our long day, long work, never forget to still greet people. Usually, English speakers say “Good evening” to greet people after a day, or before sunset. In Indonesia, the equal phrase of “Good Evening” is “Selamat Sore“. Never hesitate to say “Selamat Sore” to every acquaintances you know, or even better, to your beloved ones!
  4. Selamat Malam (Good Night)
    After a tiring day, we need to have rest. Are you used to say “Good Night” to your beloved before sleep? Now, you just need to say “Selamat Malam” in Indonesian. It has the same meaning! By using “Selamat Malam“, it means you are wishing others to have a wonderful dream in their sleep.

Those are common phrases in Indonesian according by time in Indonesia. No big differences with English common phrases, right? How about other common phrases? There are endless of Indonesian common phrases! Now let’s move to another type of phrases.

Indonesian Common Introduction Phrases

Let’s say, you are now staying in Indonesia. As a foreigner, you will meet so many people you have not know yet. Here, we will show some more common phrases in Indonesian are useful for you to have more and more Indonesian friends.

  1. Salam Kenal (Nice to meet you)
    Do you want to get know with a new person? Usually, we use “Nice to meet you” in English. Instead of using a clause, we can use a phrase of “Salam kenal” in Indonesian.  It is more effective in that way!
  2. Senang Berkenalan
    Similar with “Salam kenal”, you can use the phrase “Senang Berkenalan” to show your gratitude to a new person. A bit different with “Salam kenal”, “Senang berkenalan” shows more of your happiness to meet someone new.
  3. Apa kabar? (How are you?)
    Instead of saying the simple and boring “Hello”we can use the greeting “How are you?“. In Indonesian language, the greeting “How are you?” is equivalent with the phrase of “Apa kabar?“. By saying “Apa kabar?“, you are asking their feeling or condition when you meet them.
  4. Bagaimana kabarmu? (How do you do?)
    If the phrase of “Apa kabar?” is way too simple for you, you can also use “Bagaimana kabarmu?“. It is equivalent with the greeting of “How do you do?“. Just use one according to your preference. Usually, “Bagaimana kabarmu?” is used if the one you are talking with is already being an acquaintance, no longer a stranger.

After you have more friends, you can use more Indonesian common phrases to use in your daily conversation. You can learn how to have conversation in Indonesian language in Conversation in Indonesian.

Indonesian Common Expression Phrases

Now, we will guide you to understand common phrases that are useful in daily conversations with your friends. You can use the phrases above. It is still acceptable to say those phrases with your friends, even your best friends! In this part, we will teach you how to express your feeling to your friend.

  1. Aku senang (I am happy)
    Imagine you and your friend are having some good time in a park. To show your wellness after having fun with your friend, you can say “Aku senang“. This phrase is equivalent with “I am happy“. It is guaranteed, if you are saying this phrase to your friend, your friend will feel happy and glade for you.
  2. Aku sedih (I am sad)
    What if something sad happened to you? You can show it to your friend, do not be shy! If you are happened to have a bad day, don’t hesitate to say “I am sad.” In Indonesian, you can say “Aku sedih“. This phrase express your feeling so your friends will understamd what is wrong with you.
  3. Aku marah (I am angry)
    What if something makes you upset? Instead of being a grumpy, don’t hesitate to say it. You can say “I am angry.” In Indonesian language, you can express your anger by saying “Aku marah“. This expression will shows your inconvenient so people will disturb you no more.
  4. Aku bingung (I am confused)
    Imagine there is something that confuse you. Maybe a theory from a lecturer that you don’t understand. If you used to say “I am confused“, you can say “Aku bingung” if you are in Indonesia.
  5. Tolong aku (Help me)
    What if the problem has not been solved? If you are seeking for some help, you can say “Tolong aku“. The phrase is equivalent with the phrase “Help me“. By saying this, you express your need of help.
  6. Aku mohon (I am begging you, please)
    Let say, your friend does not want to help you. Maybe they are busy, or being incompetent on solving your problem. To urge them to help you, you can say “Aku mohon“. The phrase is equivalent with “I am begging you” in English. By saying this, hopefully your friend will try their best to help you in any possible ways.
  7. Terima Kasih (Thank you)
    Do you receive something from your friend? Maybe a gift? Or any kind of kindness? Perhaps your friend helps you to solve your problem? In English, we should politely say “Thank you” after receiving any form of kindness. In Indonesia, the phrase of “Thank you” is equivalent with “Terima Kasih“. So, whenever and wherever you receive some kindness from a person, do not forget to say “Terima Kasih” afterwards, okay?
  8. Aku Puas (I am satisfied)
    Do you just receive a good service in a hotel? To praise them with their achievement, you can say “Aku puas” to make them happy. “Aku puas” has an equivalent to “I am satisfied“. By saying this, your talking opponent will be glad to hear them.
  9. Aku baik – baik saja (I am fine)
  10. Aku cinta kamu (I Love You) How to say I Love you in Indonesian? It’s Aku Cinta Kamu.

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Indonesian Common Farewell Phrases

We have learned to greet someone, to get know of someone new, and to express your feeling. Now, we will learn to say goodbyes in Indonesian. Here are simple common phrases in Indonesian to say goodbye and hope for other’s well being.

  1. Sampai jumpa (See You!)
    The first and the most common way to say good bye in Indonesian language is “Sampai Jumpa“. This phrase means that you are happy to see them again in other times.
  2. Sampai Bertemu (See You Again)
    Similar with “sampai jumpa”, “Sampai bertemu” means you are hoping to see your friend again in other times. Yet, in “Sampai bertemu“, it has stronger feeling that you will meet them again in a decided occasion.
  3. Sampai Nanti
    However, if you are not sure to see them again in the nearest future or nearest occassion, you can simply say “Sampai Nanti“. The phrase means that you will meet them again if fortune lets you.
  4. Hati-hati (Take Care)
    If your friend is leaving, make sure you are praying for their wellness in their travel. We can say “Be careful” as a good bye. In Indonesia, you can use “Hati-hati” so they will stay safe in their way home.
  5. Selamat Tinggal (Good bye!)
  6. Jangan lupakan aku (Don’t forget me!)

Well, let’s check out this video to learn more about Indonesian common phrases and how to pronounce it!

So they are lists of useful common phrases in Indonesian that you can use in your daily conversations. Make sure to read our article in Conversation in Indonesian for more useful guides in your daily conversation. Remember to practice-practice-practice! You can turn on our feed to receive any notification of our new articles! Thank you and have great days!