What Language Is Easier To Learn for Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker?

A Native Speaker is someone who uses specific language as his or her daily language for instance Native English Speakers, someone who can be called an English Native Speaker is a person or population who uses English in their daily life and usually these people come from countries such as England, America, New Zealand, Australia, […]

How Good Are Indonesians in Speaking English, Their Accent and Fluency?

In the previous article [Read: Is English Widely Spoken in Bali?], we have described about English in Bali. From the article, we know that Bali is Indonesia’s province with the highest English skill level beating Jakarta Capital Region, Yogyakarta Special Region, and East Java. Yet, still not all Balinese speak English. In this article we […]

Is English Widely Spoken in Bali? What Language Is Spoken in Bali?

Indonesia is not an English speaking country. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language and there are more than 700 local languages spoken by 300 more ethnic groups throughout the country. However, it does not mean that English is not taught in school. Indonesian students learn English since they are in primary school. Kindergartens nowadays even […]

What Does Indonesian English Accent Sound Like? How to Pronounce Bahasa Words

As English is now widely spoken globally, other parts of the world outside the US, UK, Australia, or Canada, try to learn and speak English. English is an Indonesian second language and most of them usually train to speak like native speakers, either American English or British English, even with their broken English. But there […]

Why Do Indonesians Like to Write and Say Things in Broken English Amongst Fellow Indonesians? Why Not Just Use Indonesian?

Indonesian language and traditional Indonesian language are used widely in Indonesia. All of Indonesian people can understand Indonesian, so this language is used the most. However, sometimes we can hear people in Indonesia use broken English in their daily lives, especially in the big cities. We sometimes wonder why they use broken English instead of […]

The Words That Are The Same in Indonesia and English – Examples and Lists

Nowadays, people tend to learn new language in order to enhance their knowledge of speaking as their second language. Indonesia has applied the regulation of speaking English as second language in almost all areas or fields, from the students to elderly. Indonesian people think that speaking English is as important as building their skill in […]

How to Say Older Brother in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Hello, there! How’s life? Hope it is enjoy as well The main thing that you should to be highlight when learning Bahasa Indonesia is about etiquette. Actually, Bahasa Indonesia is really serious to manage about etiquette moreover if you had conversation over older people. That’s because all your attitudes represented by your words when you […]

How to Say Wait In Indonesian – Defination – Examples

How’s life? Hopefully it is great well. If we learn every language from the whole universe, ask something like waiting is normally using, so does Indonesia. There is little bit different between learn Bahasa Indonesia and English. One of the highlight is of course the etiquette. Well ‘wait’ in Indonesian translated with ‘tunggu’ and usually […]

Indonesian Phrases I Wish We Had in English (Funny but True)

Every language from all over the world is unique and has its own characteristics. Have you ever feel frustrated and want to say specific word in other language but you cannot find the right word at all? Here we gave you several list of Indonesian phrases/word I wish we had in English. 1. Jayus “Jayus” […]

How to Say See You Tomorrow in Indonesian – Definition and Examples

How are you today? Don’t forget to always be enthusiastic and smile. How are you today? Don’t forget to always be enthusiastic and smile. Today we will learn about one of the important conversations in Indonesian. This is one of the phrases ‘goodbyes’ in Indonesian that seems trivial, but if it is not considered properly […]