Before the Use of The Roman Alphabet, Was There An Indigenous Script for Bahasa Indonesia?

If you are learning Indonesian some of you might wonder if there are any indigenous script that dated long before any Roman alphabet in Indonesia. Does Indonesia have a special script or an indigenous script like in Thailand or Myanmar? So, the answer to the question: Before the use of the Roman alphabet, was there […]

How to Pronounce “J” in Indonesian – Learn Alphabets in Bahasa Indonesia

Hi everybody! Today I’ll give you about “how to pronounce ‘J’ in Indonesian”. Indonesian is a linguistically diverse region where the Indonesian language acts as a lingua franca, even though there are more native speakers of Javanese. During the time Indonesia was a Dutch colony, the Latin alphabet was introduced to write Indonesian and a […]

All Indonesian Words Starting with X – Alphabet – Meaning

Hey our dearest readers! How are you today ? Hopefully you always feel happy, healthy, and also grateful. In this session, our lesson is still related to gaining Indonesian vocabulary. So taht, we will talk about the Indonesian words that begins with X. The letter X either in English or in Indonesian language is same. […]

All Indonesian Words Starting with Y – Alphabet – Meaning

Aloha dear good people. Hopefully you are always healthy and spirited to learn Bahasa Indonesia. By the way in this time, we still learn many Indonesian words to gain our vocabulary. The grammar in Bahasa Indonesia is kind of piece of cake. There is not so many rules in it. So that, let’s focus our […]

50+ Indonesian Words That Start with W – Meaning

Aloha!! Hopefully your eager to learn Bahasa Indonesia keeps rising up. In English, the letter W is pronounced as “double U”. But, the pronouncation is much differrent in Bahasa Indonesia that the letter W sounds ” Wae”. You should know the pronunciation first before we begin our lesson today in this article. Yeah, we will […]

70 Indonesian Words Starting with V – Meaning – Example

Aloha!! We are glad to see you still reading this article. It means you are always full of spirit to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Based on the Malay trade dialect, Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of the Republic of Indonsia. It unites over 254 million people of Indonesia. Check out more here: How to Say […]

99 Indonesian Words Starting with P – Examples – Meaning

Let us learn more about Bahasa Indonesia. In this time, we shall gain our Indonesian vocabulary again. And this session for the Indonesian words starting with P. Here we go… Pabean (Pa-bae-uan) = Custom office Pabrik (Pub-rick) = Manufactursr/ Factory Pacak (Pua-chuck) = Roating spit Pacar (Pa-chuar) = Boyfrien or Girlfriend Pacaran (Pua-chuar-uan) = In […]

150 Indonesian Words Starting with K – Alphabet – Meaning

K is the shortest way to answer the message or chat with saying “Okay”. However, in this time, we will talk about the Indonesian words begun with K. For your information, K is the 11th alphabet. Indonesian Words Starting with K Here they are the Indonesian words starting with K. Kabar (Kah-baar) = News / […]

How to Learn Indonesian Alphabets – Vowel and Consonant

One of the very basic knowledge about learning Bahasa Indonesia is to learn Indonesian Alphabets. Fortunately, in terms of alphabet, Bahasa Indonesia has same system with English, which occurred 26 Latin alphabets (A—Z), even though there are some differences in pronouncing the symbol. You may see Learn Indonesian Pronunciation of Basic Words It should be noted […]

135 Indonesian Words Starting with H Letter – Meaning

Hello, Fellas! It is a long time we never met. This time we will show you the Indonesian words starting with H letter. It will completing your vocabulary, along with Indonesian Words Starting with B, Portuguese Words in Indonesian Language, and Persian Words in Indonesian Language. Indonesian Words Starting with H Let’s check this out. […]