You in Bahasa Indonesia – Learn Pronoun and Examples

When you learn new language, including Bahasa Indonesia, it will be better for you if you have more knowledge on the vocabulary. The more words you know, you will be able to speak the language better. Here, we will discuss about new vocabulary, you in Bahasa Indonesia. This word is used a lot in Indonesian […]

What Does “Ibuku” Mean in Indonesian? Does It Mean “Ibu+ku” is “My Mother”?

Halo! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Today we will talk about pronoun in Indonesian, but first, let’s have a warm-up with…POP QUIZ! The question is: What does “Ibuku” mean in Indonesian? Can you answer it? If you are still confused, that’s okay, though! Because we’re going to break it down together. Here we go! In […]

Use of ‘Yang’ in Indonesian – Grammar – Examples – Vocabulary

As the biggest country with its isles, Indonesia also has different languages for its different regions and tribes. At first, Indonesian people will be introduced to speak into their own tribe’s language. What if people who wants to visit Indonesia don’t know how to speak the tribe’s language? That is why, the government of Indonesia […]

“Lo” Meaning in Indonesian – Slang Word – Examples

If you’re visiting Indonesia and especially if you’re staying near the area of Jakarta, you’ll hear the word “lo” often. And if you look for the meaning in your dictionary, there’s a chance you won’t find the meaning of this word. Yes, “lo” is one of the slangs in Indonesian. Understanding slang means one of […]

What Does Saya Mean in Indonesian? Vocabulary and Meaning

If you start learning Bahasa Indonesia, you might encounter a lot the word “saya”. Saya means “I” or “I am”. It’s the first person pronoun in a sentence. As in the word “I”, It is how people refer to themselves in a conversation. However, it’s not as simple as that. Also, look at easy phrases in […]

What is The Indonesian Word for Language? The Origins

As we have explained about the reason why Indonesian refer Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language as language in this article, now we are going to learn about what is the Indonesian word for language. In today’s lesson, you are about to learn the Indonesian word for language. The material of the lesson includes the translation […]

Meaning of Saya in Indonesian – Brief Examples

Hello all, nice to meet you again. The word Saya (sa-ya) is a formal form of Indonesian that has a role as subject pronoun “I”, object pronoun “me”, and possession/belonging “my”. You can also check for  other Indonesian formal pronouns. Here are some examples of the meaning of Saya in Indonesian, as a subject pronoun. […]

Ms. In Indonesian – Examples and Meaning

Hello, everyone do you still excited to learn something new about Bahasa Indonesia? We always hope that you are all still excited to learn about Bahasa Indonesia. So, before we learn about Ms in Indonesian, we will try to previous of what lessons that are be done Indonesian hand gestures, friendly greeting Indonesian, formal greeting in Indonesian, also informal […]

A-Z Indonesia Important Phrases That You Need to Learn

Hello there, are you ready to start learning Bahasa Indonesia this time? Well, what will we talk today is about Indonesia important phrases. Last time, we already have done to learn how to say I like you in Indonesian, how to say No in Indonesian, and even you have done learning about the general Indonesian Phrases including with the […]

Most Used Indonesian Verbs – Vocabularies – Definition – Examples

Hello, everybody are you ready to learn the next lesson of Bahasa Indonesia? So, the last week we already learn about Indonesian subject verb object, the most common Indonesian verbs also me-kan verbs Indonesian. Today, we will learn the most used Indonesian verbs that usually we used in our daily life. What are they? Below here the lists of […]