Indonesian Slang Words to Help You Speak like A Local – Mastering Your Bahasa Skill

Slang word is one of the words in a language and it relates to the informal language. The usage of slang word is usually spoken among a group of people. The words are made in their own terms when other people do not really understand when the group of people are having those slang words […]

Why Indonesians Always Say Anjing? The Meaning and Examples

Language has two types according to the context, they are formal and informal language. If people decide to apply or speak informal language, the informal language also relates to the slang words, one of the type of language. Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting Slang words relates to the context of a group or groups when […]

What Does Ceu Mean as Slang in Indonesia? – Meaning and Examples

Indonesia is a large country that consist of many cultures and traditional language. Even in daily conversation, Indonesian people have many ways to call other people. Ceu is one of the traditional Indonesian words that can be used as a slang to call other people. To know more about the word ceu in Indonesian, read […]

What Is the Meaning of Bego in Indonesia? Informal Language

Indonesian language has rich with its culture and different languages from each tribes. Despite its tribes, all different language from the tribes must have their features. Other than the formal and informal languages, Indonesian or the tribes’ languages must have the slang words or expressions which are usually used by the youth. The slang words […]

The Meaning of the Word, ‘Anjing’ In Bahasa Indonesia

Good day, Fellas. As a part of any language, slang words exist to be used in a very informal situation between addresser and addressee. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are numerous slang words that commonly used by Indonesian in a colloquial conversation. These slang words has to be learned in order to understand the colloquial conversation […]

Meaning of “Nyasar” Indonesian – Clear Examples

How are you, people? I hope everything is fine. Today, I am going to give you the information about one of Indonesian slang word. The word that I am going to inform is “nyasar”. Nyasar is one of the slang word that is commonly used in Indonesian. Nyasar is a short form of “kesasar”, which […]

What Is “Anjay” Meaning in Indonesia – Phrase – Example

If you hear young people in Indonesia nowadays, you can often hear the word “anjay”. You can also find this word if you see Indonesian short comics on social media such as twitter or Instagram. There is even also an Indonesian song that titled “anjay”. You will find some difficulty in finding this word on […]

A-Z Indonesian Slang Words in Internet Chatting – Like A Pro!

Slang is a very informal language that commonly used in the daily conversations. Almost every language have their own slang words, both spoken and written. They are sometimes hard to be learned by new learners of the language due to its ambiguities and its complete difference with the formal language. Especially when you learn Indonesian, […]

Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting – Meaning and Examples

Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Learning a new language would not be complete without understand the slang words. You have learned How to Say Thank You in Indonesian Slang and Javanese. But, of course there is many words to learn about slang words in Bahasa Indonesia. Commonly, you would find slang words in social media, […]

How to Say Thank You in Indonesian Slang Like A Pro

Hi! Welcome back! Have you ever not understand a conversation because the people in it using slang words that you don’t know? How’s that feel? Slang words is part of every language in the world. Yes, you have known about Javanese Slang Words. Now, let’s move to more practical lesson about ‘thank you’. It is […]