Fast-Breaking in Indonesian Language – Sentence – Examples

Indonesia is an archipelago country and Indonesia also become the biggest Muslim country in the world. As the biggest Muslim country, Indonesia must commit one of the famous and important month in Islam named Ramadan Month. There are some important and obligate activities during Ramadan Month. One of the important and obligate activities is fast […]

How to Write Conditional Sentence in Indonesian – Formula – Examples

Hi there, are you still excited to learn Bahasa Indonesia? How is your progress now? We hope all of you can do better than yesterday. Before we will start the new lesson, let’s we preview first, what is the lesson that we did last day, they are the passive sentence in Indonesian, Indonesian sentence starters, […]

Passive Sentence in Indonesian – Structure – Examples

Hi guys, are you excited to learn Bahasa Indonesia today? Okay, before you have learned something new, let’s check the previous lesson that we have done; such as Indonesian sentence starters, Indonesian object focus sentences, simple Indonesian sentences, also Indonesian sentence structures. Well, today we have to learn the passive sentence in Indonesian. In here, You will be guided on […]

How to Say OK in Indonesian – Phrases – Definition

We are all already know that English is an international language. As a results, a lot of people all around the world learn about basic English. Some of English words are even used in every day life in non English speaking countries. Indonesia is one of a non speaking country. However, most of Indonesian know […]

Learn Javanese Alphabet – Script and Latin Writing Complete with Examples

Java tribe is one of ethnic groups in Indonesia. It is categorized as one of big ethnic groups in Indonesia. Java tribe has rich culture. One of the culture that attracts some people is the language. Every provinces in Java has their own dialect. Moreover, Javanese people has their way on how to address people in […]

Indonesian Question Word Order – Formula – Structure

After learning Indonesian grammar exercise, the next course to learn is question word order. Constructing question in Indonesia is not as difficult as in English. In general, Bahasa Indonesian employs S-V-O word order with no verb changes (due to time, gender, or number of the subject). Indonesian question word can be divided into two kinds […]

4 Types of Indonesian Noun Phrase Structure with Examples

The core components of a sentence are noun and verbs. In Indonesian, nouns are called by nomina or kata benda, and verbs are called by verba or kata kerja. As stated in Indonesian sentence types, the minimum requirements of Indonesian sentence are subjek and predikat. What forms a subject is a single word, a phrase, […]