Selamat Pagi Response in Bahasa Indonesia – Conversation in Bahasa

Selamat Pagi Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia Selamat pagi is one of the most used greetings in Indonesia. If translated to English, “selamat pagi” equals to “good morning”. People use this morning as a greetings for people, formal or informal in the morning. People usually use this greetings when meeting a person or a group of […]

How to Say Expensive in Indonesian and Clear Examples

Indonesia becomes the country which has 34 provinces with their unique and unforgettable cultures and variant languages. The languages from all provinces are also the assimilation from other languages of other countries. As Indonesia becomes the country of variant languages, it has the official language named Indonesian language or it is called Bahasa. Indonesian language […]

How to Say “Too Expensive” in Bali and Examples

Indonesia is the country which has many regions or people called them as provinces. It has 34 provinces with their different tribes’ languages for each. The languages also have rules, structures, different word and sentences forms. One of the famous provinces in Indonesia is Bali with its tribe’s language which is learnt by many foreigners […]

A-Z Useful Indonesian Phrases While Traveling in Bandung

Bandung is one of popular tourism destination in Indonesia. The city is located in West Java, on a mountainous area. This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool weather. Bandung is not only popular among local tourist, but also popular among international tourists. You will find many natural […]

What language is “Selamat Pagi” and What’s The Meaning?

What language is “Selamat Pagi”? You probably heard someone say it and wondering what does it mean and/or what language does it come from. Usually, if you come to Bali, you might often hear it in the morning. The locals will say, “Selamat Pagi”. Visited by a lot of tourists, you might guess that “Selamat […]

What Proportion of Chinese Indonesians Cannot Actually Speak Indonesian Today?

As a matter of fact, Chinese people have lived in the Indonesian archipelago since at least the 13th century. However, their population grew rapidly during the colonial period due to workers were contracted from their home provinces in southern China. The total population of Chinese Indonesian itself is estimated to be around 2,832,510 in 2010 […]

Are Indonesian and Malay Two Separate Languages?

People often mistaken Malay as the official language used in Malaysia. In fact, it is not entirely true. Malaysian is the official language of Malaysia. It is the standardized registers of the Malay language, so as Indonesian. Then, what is Malay? Malay is a major language of the Austronesian family spoken by more than 290 […]

Why Do Indonesians Use “wkwkwk” for “hahaha”?

In English, we usually type “LOL” or “hahaha” in social media or chatting applications to express laugh. However, in Indonesia we can see almost all of them use “wkwkwk” instead of using “hahaha”. To know more about the reasons, read the complete explanation below. Wkwkwk mean in Indonesian In Indonesian, wkwkwk actually don’t have any […]

What is The Origin of Indonesian Phrase ‘Biang Kerok’? The Examples

There are many slang phrase in Indonesian that we can’t use dictionary to translate them directly. However, those phrases can be already popular and used by many people in Indonesia. One of the popular phrase is biang kerok. What is the origin of Indonesian phrase biang kerok? To know more about the origin, meaning, pronunciation […]

Which ASEAN Languages Are Closest to the Filipino Languages Aside from Malay and Indonesian?

Let’s us start this topic with the explanation of Filipino languages themselves. All of us probably would have heard about Tagalog as one of the languages used in Philippines or even believe that it is the sole language there, but what about others? Or even is there any other languages? As a matter of fact, […]