How to Use “Adalah” in Bahasa Indonesia – Formula – Examples

Hello everyone ! Hope you have a good day. Before we are going to discuss the topic of this article i would like you to read and understand these example i’ve been written down, please pay attention to the words written with bold line: I am his daughter. (Aku adalah anak perempuannya.) This is my […]

How to Learn Indonesian Consonant – Formula and Examples

Indonesian language basically consist of two types of words. The first one, vowel. Vowel or “huruf hidup” in Bahasa consist of  A, I, U, E, O. While the consonant, or “ huruf mati/konsonan” in Bahasa consist of the words beside the “huruf hidup”. It is important for you to learn the consonat in Bahasa Indonesia. […]

List of Subjects of Indonesian Grammatical Structure (Complete Examples)

Hello, are you ready to learn Bahasa Indonesia this time? So, this time we gonna learn more how to know some of the lists of subjects in Indonesian. The previous on the grammatical structure of Indonesian subject verb object, we have learned that the Indonesian structure sentence is similar to English. Thus, let’s learn about list of subjects of […]

Indonesian Affixes vs English Affixes – Grammar and Structures

Hello! When you study about Bahasa Indonesia, you may found that Forming Indonesian Words & Using Indonesian Affixes is quite essential because it is typical. In fact, this is one of the main obstacle in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Unlike English, the affixes is varied from Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes as well as Indonesian Infixes. Therefore, […]

Meaning of Indonesian Prefixes – Formula – Examples – Worksheet

As you know, understand Forming Indonesian Words & Using Indonesian Affixes is really important. You have learned many form of Indonesian Prefixes, as well as Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes. There, you learn how to form a new word using affixes and also morphology (study of word forming) rule in Bahasa Indonesia. Then, right now let’s […]

Indonesian Formal Language – Structures – Forms – Examples

Selamat datang! Learning Bahasa Indonesia is one thing, but mastering Indonesian Formal Language is a little bit harder. Why? Unlike English, which has strict rules of grammar, Bahasa Indonesia is more flexible (Check Indonesian to English Grammar). Do you know why the Indonesian chose Malay (Melayu) instead of Javanese as their national language even though […]

Indonesian Subject Verb Object – Grammatical Structure

The problem when learning a language is not about memorizing vocabulary or perfect pronunciation, but many people fail in understanding the grammar. That being said that grammar is the bone of a language which makes it understandable. Speaking of Indonesian grammar, one of the most important aspects to learn is sentence structure. In general, Indonesian […]

What’s the Difference between ‘Anda’ and ‘Kamu’ In Indonesian?

In English, we just know one type of second person pronoun which is you. However, in Indonesia, we cannot just use the word you or ‘kamu’ when addressing to people. This is because there is hierarchical level of pronoun in Bahasa Indonesia which distinguishes the use of pronoun. In bahasa Indonesia, we know some types […]

Differences between ‘Kita’ and ‘Kami’ in Indonesian – The Examples

The word ‘kami’ and ‘kita’ in Bahasa Indonesia is two similar but different word. Most people learning the language confuse with the use of the two words because the words are literary translated as ‘we’ in English. Yes, there is actually no concept of ‘kami’ and ‘kita’ in English, but in Indonesia, pronoun is mostly […]

4 Types Indonesian Language Particles – Formula – Examples

Particles are a class of word which only has grammatical meaning and does not have lexical meaning. The general meaning of particles depends on its connection with other words in a phrase or sentence. Also, particles cannot stand alone and always have to be attached to other words. In general, particles include words that are […]