When Did Indonesia Became Independent from the Dutch?

Indonesia and the Netherlands shared special relationship where they have shared history of colonial interactions for centuries. If you curious about when did Indonesia became independent from the Dutch, read explanation below. Dutch People Arrival and Start of Colonization Dutch people first arrived in Indonesia on June 22nd, 1596. They came to Indonesia through Banten […]

Why Is Green A Forbidden Colors in Indonesia? Cultures and Myths

If you want to travel to several places in Indonesia, you might ever heard people saying that you should avoid using green colored clothes. Why Is Green A Forbidden Colors in Indonesia You may be confused, but this prohibition is widely believed by Indonesian people. So, why is green a forbidden color in Indonesia? To […]

Colors in Indonesian Culture – The Hidden Meaning

Indonesia is a country where many people from different cultures meet and live in one country. Each culture has its own uniqueness and characteristics. For people outside Indonesia, this is an interesting topic to discuss. Here, we will discuss about colors in Indonesian culture. White in Indonesian Culture In almost all parts of the world, […]

Discovering How to Be Polite in Bali – What to Say and Not to Say

Indonesia is famous by its cultures and rules in different provinces it has. The cultures or rules in different provinces must give different perspectives and practice when people decide to visit this country. As the tourist, it is better to follow or practice the cultures procession and rules which are applied in the provinces or […]

How Many Languages Do Indonesians Speak?

Most of Indonesian people can speak more than one language. Most of them understand and can speak in Bahasa Indonesia, one of Indonesian local language based on their location, and even they also can speak English. To know more about how many languages do Indonesians speak, read the complete explanation below. A Brief History of […]

A-Z Indonesian Musical Instrument – Vocabulary and Culture

Who doesn’t love hearing music? Everyone loves music ever since they’re child. But, have you tried hearing Indonesian kind of music? In Indonesia, music is divided to two general categories. Modern music and traditional music. However, these days, many of genres using Indonesian traditional instruments to add some cultural meaning. Also find out about Indonesian High Context […]

Learn About Indonesian Sanskrit Names: History and Examples

Have you ever come to Indonesia? Or do you have Indonesian friends? If yes, named it! Most of Indonesian named their children with Sanskrit names like Adi, Widya, Bayu, Devi, Mira. It so rare to see an Indonesian with western name like George, Catherine, Mark, Smith. Do you want to know why? Indonesian name usually use […]

Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner: The Last Step

Hi, I’m back again! I know, it’s fast, doing the third step might takes a lot of time, keep moving. I’m gonna explain about the last step! Finally! Yes! It’s just 4 steps! It’s easy, right? And, for the last step, it may sounds crazy, but it’s a fun challenge too. Why? Just pack all […]

How to Say Condolences in Indonesian – Expression and Meaning

Hi, guys. I’m back again! We’re gonna learn something new again today? What is it about? So, today we’re gonna learn about how to say condolences or express your sympathy to someone’s sadness. It’s actually the same with English, but there something that make it more polite. It’s normal, in Indonesia we need to be […]

Offensive Hand Gestures in Indonesia – Culture – Etiquette

Welcome back! Ready for the new lesson? Learning about a certain language does not only means remember all of the words or understand its grammar, but also learn about culture, society and people. On the other word, learning Bahasa Indonesia means you need understand its sacred Communication Etiquette in Indonesian and even Indonesian Greeting Etiquette […]