What is the Meaning of “Makasih Ya” in Bahasa? Expressing Gratitude

As a learner of Bahasa Indonesia, you must be fully understood with the phrase terima kasih. For those who do not know, the phrase terima kasih in Bahasa Indonesia means “thank you” in English. The phrase terima kasih in Bahasa Indonesia is very common to be used in a conversation as a term that expresses […]

How to Say “Where is the Toilet” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Today, we are going to learn how to say “where is the toilet” in Bahasa Indonesia. But, before we go right to the explanation, you have to know the word or phrase that is used by Indonesian to refer to toilet. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are some vocabularies that refer to a toilet or restroom. […]

How to Say I am 13 Years Old in Indonesian – Conversation

Hello guys, how are you today? I hope you become more interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia with us J In this article we’re gonna give you  a number of examples of how to say “ I am 13 years old” in Indonesian. Usia (u.sia) means age. You can also use umur (u.mur). However, there is […]

How to Order Coffee in Indonesian – Examples

Hello good people, I hope you have a great day. Today we are talking about a drink that many people love to have: coffee. However we don’t discuss about its long historical story, or how to grow them, but we talk about how Indonesian order coffee.   Nowadays, many people have coffee as a lifestyle. […]

How to Say Don’t in Indonesian Language

Selamat Pagi, good people! We are glad to know you still have eager to learn Bahasa Indonesia with us on this website. By the way, let’s learn about something new. In this time, we shall learn about how to say “don’t” in Indonesian. Don’t is used to show or express or state the opposite. Simply […]

Indonesian Object Focus Sentences – Formula – Examples

In Indonesian language, it is quite simple to arrange a sentence. The formula to make a sentence is Subject + Verb + Object, and we just need to add prefix before verb to explain how is the sentence being understood. There are two prefix in Indonesian language, there are me- and di-. For the two […]

Indonesian Language Examples for Beginner

Learning Indonesian language is not enough if you only learn Indonesian pronunciation of basic words and Indonesian vocabulary. The most important thing when learning the language is to be able to apply what you have learned into conversation and writing. In general, Indonesian language examples are divided into two types which are conversational and written […]

20 Indonesian Descriptive Words and Examples

Indonesian descriptive words are quite different from English. In bahasa Indonesia descriptive words can be found in form or adjectives and also static verbs. This makes Indonesian descriptive words can be quite difficult for foreign people. Related: Types of adjunct in Indonesian Descriptive words are mostly used to explain something or a situation. In simple, […]

Learn Basic Indonesian Language with The Experts

Berjumpa lagi di MasteringBahasa! Hello! How are you? Thank you so much for visiting us in MasteringBahasa! In this article, we will guide you to Learn Basic Indonesian Language! This article is related with How to Learn Bahasa article. In How to Learn Bahasa article, it guides you how and where to learn Indonesian language, for example, by listening […]

10 Ways on How to Introduce Yourself in Indonesian

Learning Indonesian is not difficult as it seems. There are many factors why Indonesian is easy to be learned. For instance, unlike English, Indonesian is spoken as the same as the written form. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much on having mispronounced words. Moreover, several expressions in use the exact same word such […]