The Difference of Bisa, Boleh and Dapat in Indonesian – Complete Examples

Deciding to visit new country, soon? If yes, it is better to learn the language from the country you want to visit. There are benefits you will get if you want to learn the new languages. You find it easy when you visit the country so that you don’t need to hire an interpreter. If […]

Use of ‘Yang’ in Indonesian – Grammar – Examples – Vocabulary

As the biggest country with its isles, Indonesia also has different languages for its different regions and tribes. At first, Indonesian people will be introduced to speak into their own tribe’s language. What if people who wants to visit Indonesia don’t know how to speak the tribe’s language? That is why, the government of Indonesia […]

“Yuk!” Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia – Complete Examples

Hello, how are you today? Hope you have a great day ! This time we are going to learn new topic about Bahasa Indonesia terms that used in daily conversation. The term that we are going to learn is about expressing persuasive sentence. We are usually used this persuasive sentences unrealizingly. As we know in […]

Indonesian Affixes vs English Affixes – Grammar and Structures

Hello! When you study about Bahasa Indonesia, you may found that Forming Indonesian Words & Using Indonesian Affixes is quite essential because it is typical. In fact, this is one of the main obstacle in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Unlike English, the affixes is varied from Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes as well as Indonesian Infixes. Therefore, […]

Indonesian Songs That Help You Learn Bahasa Indonesia Faster and Easier

Welcome back to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia! Do you like to sing? Beside Indonesian Pantun, you could also learn through song. In fact, through song you could learn about Indonesian Grammar Rules and also advanced vocabulary outside Indonesian Survival Phrases and Common Sentences. Therefore, at this opportunity, we will learn about Indonesian Songs that […]

Indonesian Subject Verb Object – Grammatical Structure

The problem when learning a language is not about memorizing vocabulary or perfect pronunciation, but many people fail in understanding the grammar. That being said that grammar is the bone of a language which makes it understandable. Speaking of Indonesian grammar, one of the most important aspects to learn is sentence structure. In general, Indonesian […]

Indonesian Present Tense – Formula – Example

Apa kabar? I hope you are fine and more curious to learn Bahasa Indonesia! Present tense. Majority of language learning will be start with present simple tense. But, what about Indonesian present tense? Two words. It is simple and present. Learning about it neither hard nor more complex than Indonesian Grammar Structures for Beginners. There […]

11 Differences between Indonesian and English Grammar

Grammar can be considered as the bone of a language. It rules the language in a way people can understand it. Every language has its own grammar even though it comes in different form. Indonesia has been said as one of few languages with easiest grammar. However, the grammar is still there when you want […]

What’s the Difference between ‘Anda’ and ‘Kamu’ In Indonesian?

In English, we just know one type of second person pronoun which is you. However, in Indonesia, we cannot just use the word you or ‘kamu’ when addressing to people. This is because there is hierarchical level of pronoun in Bahasa Indonesia which distinguishes the use of pronoun. In bahasa Indonesia, we know some types […]

Me-kan Verbs Indonesian – Formula – Examples

The use of affixes in Bahasa Indonesia may be the most confusing part. The addition of affixes changes partial or entire meaning of root words. This can be quite confusing for those who do not completely understand the basic concepts. Another problem with Indonesian affixes is there are several types of prefixes, suffix, infixes, and […]