A-Z Useful Indonesian Phrases While Traveling in Bandung

Bandung is one of popular tourism destination in Indonesia. The city is located in West Java, on a mountainous area. This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool weather. Bandung is not only popular among local tourist, but also popular among international tourists. You will find many natural […]

A-Z Important Words and Phrases in Indonesian You Should Learn

For foreigners that want to learn Indonesian language, you can start by learning several important and phrases that you can use when going to Indonesia. Here, we will give you list of important words and phrases in Indonesian that maybe helpful for you. Indonesian Greetings Selamat Pagi: Good morning Selamat Siang: Good afternoon Selamat sore: […]

What is The Origin of Indonesian Phrase ‘Biang Kerok’? The Examples

There are many slang phrase in Indonesian that we can’t use dictionary to translate them directly. However, those phrases can be already popular and used by many people in Indonesia. One of the popular phrase is biang kerok. What is the origin of Indonesian phrase biang kerok? To know more about the origin, meaning, pronunciation […]

What is Sama-Sama in Indonesian? Examples – Phrase

Now we are going to learn another topic about Bahasa Indonesia terms that are commonly used in daily conversation. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are phrases that commonly mean two or more different definitions. One of these many phrases is sama-sama. The phrase sama-sama in Bahasa Indonesia is very common to be used in colloquial conversation. […]

How to Say Please and Thank You in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Basically, please and thank you are words that represent manner and etiquette when we communicate with others. Bahasa Indonesia does care about this words and Indonesian using these words commonly. As we know please and thank you are words which usually use to offer something and thanked something. The function of these word are pretty […]

Indonesian Phrases I Wish We Had in English (Funny but True)

Every language from all over the world is unique and has its own characteristics. Have you ever feel frustrated and want to say specific word in other language but you cannot find the right word at all? Here we gave you several list of Indonesian phrases/word I wish we had in English. 1. Jayus “Jayus” […]

How to Say “Do You Speak English” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

It’s nice to see you again in other article. Not all Indonesian people can speak English. It’s because every people has different interest in the field of language, but it doesn’t mean Indonesian people absolutely no English. Not infrequently some Indonesians use English in their daily lives. Even some schools in Indonesia have their students […]

Goodbye Phrases In Indonesian – Definition and Examples

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you are doing well. In this opportunity, I would like to explain about one of the important thing in Indonesian conversation. It is the goodbye phrases in Indonesian. You can learn Indonesian Letter Writing Phrases  to enrich your knowledge about Indonesian phrase.The opposite of greeting, goodbye is used […]

A-Z List of Indonesian Phrases – Vocabularies – Examples

Hello there, are you still excited how to learn Bahasa Indonesia? Now, we will learn some other list of Indonesian phrases. The previous lesson we already learn about the list of loanwords in Indonesian,  the list of cities in Indonesian, the list of English words from Indonesian origin and even how to say darling in Indonesian. Today we will learn on the […]

How to Write A Phrase in Bahasa Indonesia – Clear Examples and Explanation

Before we get to learn on how to write a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia, we have to know that Bahasa Indonesia has eight part of speech. They are Indonesian noun ( nomina), Indonesian pronoun (pronomina), Indonesian adjective ( kata sifat), Indonesian verb (kata kerja), Indonesian adverb (adverbia), Indonesian preposition (preposisi), Indonesian conjunction (konjungsi), Indonesian interjection ( […]