What Language Do Average Indonesian People Speak? Indonesian or Javanese?

Hello, respectable and good looking pupils. Are you ready to learn more about Indonesian language, culture, people and many more? If you are looking for a way to learn about Indonesian be its language or culture, then you have come to the right place. So, what will we learn today? Today we will learn about […]

How Common Is It for People in Jakarta to Use Javanese Language?

Urbanization is making Jakarta, the capital city, be a multi-ethnic city with plural societies. Speaking about ethnic, the biggest majority ethnic in Indonesia is Javanese. Conducted ethnic census in 2000 suggested that around 44 percent of the population in Indonesia is Javanese. By lookin at the number, no wonder why Javanese Language is one a […]

Medok Means in Bahasa Indonesia – Dialect – Structures

Hello, how are you today? I wish u have a good day Every living creature have the capability to communicate with another. Even the smallest one like a worm for example. Having communicate with another become their basic needs especially on human as a living social creature. According to Cambridge Dictionary, conversation is a noun […]

What Are The Major Languages Spoken in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the few countries who has huge amount of languages spoken by its people. There are around 700 languages used by Indonesian. The numerous amounts of languages in Indonesia are mainly caused by its wide diversity of tribe and culture. Almost each tribe in Indonesia has their own language that is different […]

How to Say Hello in Javanese Indonesia – Definition – Examples

Indonesia is reach for its many kinds of cultures and languages from 34 provinces. One of the famous provinces in Indonesia with the biggest population is the Java Island. Java Island has 6 provinces. If you decide to visit those Java provinces which speak Javanese language, you had better start to learn how to say […]

Learn about Numbers in Javanese – Vocabularies and Examples

There are a lot of topics when we learn a new language. One of the crucial thing that we have to learn is numbering. In learning English, numbering is taught before the children get to learn in school. In this case, the parents or caregiver take a role. What about learning another language? It applies […]

Learn Javanese Alphabet – Script and Latin Writing Complete with Examples

Java tribe is one of ethnic groups in Indonesia. It is categorized as one of big ethnic groups in Indonesia. Java tribe has rich culture. One of the culture that attracts some people is the language. Every provinces in Java has their own dialect. Moreover, Javanese people has their way on how to address people in […]

How to Address People in Javanese – Rules – Structures – Vocabularies

People always socialize with the others in their daily life. They greet and talk to the others. During their communication, they have to address people they talk to. Each country has different way of addressing the other people. In English, it is more simple to address the others. But in Indonesia, there are a lot […]

A-Z Javanese Swear Words – Meaning – Rules

Hi! Welcome back! What is the most interesting as well as sensitive part of learning new language? Yes, the swear words. You have learned about Indonesian Bad Words and Balinese Swear Words. Now, let’s move to another local language, which is about Javanese Swear Words! Then, you will know and understand the meaning and could […]

100 Javanese Slang Words and Meaning

Bahasa Indonesia is the official Indonesian language which you can learn it in college, universities, and courses all over the world. But similar to other languages, Indonesian slang also exists in the society, TV shows, movies, and so on. Indonesian slang comes from many origins including English and also local dialects. Indonesian slang originated from […]