How to Say “Too Expensive” in Bali and Examples

Indonesia is the country which has many regions or people called them as provinces. It has 34 provinces with their different tribes’ languages for each. The languages also have rules, structures, different word and sentences forms. One of the famous provinces in Indonesia is Bali with its tribe’s language which is learnt by many foreigners […]

How to Say Home in Balinese and Examples

Having 34 provinces with their different tribes’ languages, Indonesia is famous by its diversity. Each tribes’ languages is united by one official language named Indonesian language. By having different provinces and their different languages, for the new visitors it is important to learn a little bit about them first. As same as if the new […]

A-Z Indonesian Words You Should Know for Traveling in Bali

Bali is considered the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The city is located in Bali island, surrounded by beautiful beaches and also even has mountain. This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool beaches. Bali is very popular locally and internationally. You will find many natural beauties, […]

How to Say Water in Balinese – Vocabulary – Example

Indonesia language is the representative to all tribes’ languages which exist in Indonesia. Because of its many tribes, Indonesian language are important to be learnt. However, learning one or more than tribes’ languages are necessary, such as learning Javanese as the most spoken language and or learning Balinese as the most visited province in Indonesia. […]

How Do You Say Yes in Balinese? Phrase – Example

As Indonesia is rich by its culture and language, if people visit Indonesia, they must need to learn each tribes’ language from the region they want to visit. It is important to learn each tribes’ language, even though people have learnt about Indonesian Language. Each tribes has each language and so Bali province does. Bali […]

How Do You Say Hello in Balinese – Phrase – Definition

Indonesia is quite famous for the friendly people. Most of foreigner that came to Indonesia agree that Indonesian people are very hospitable. Not only they love to smile, Indonesian people also loves to greet people, even stranger, because it is the culture. When people meet on the street, they usually greet each other with smile […]

How Do You Say You Are Welcome in Balinese – Phrase and Pronunciation

Learning about other foreign language is always very interesting. Especially if you have a plan to come to the country. In Indonesia, one of the most famous tourist destination among international travelers is Bali Island. Bali island is a small island near Java island that surrounded by beautiful beach. Bali is also have mount Agung […]

How Do You Say Thank You Very Much in Balinese? Phrase and Definition

Om Swastiastu. Indonesia is a large country that consists of many island. Because of this, Indonesia has many people that speak in different traditional language. Several of the languages are similar with the other. We will discuss about traditional language in Bali, Balinese. On this article, we will discuss about how do you say thank […]

How to Say Thank You in Balinese – Phrases and Examples

Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands. That’s why you will not only hear the Indonesian language when you go to this country. Whenever you move around across cities in each island, you might already find a whole different language and accent. In this article, we’re going to talk a part of Balinese language. […]

A-Z Basic Balinese Phrases and Examples – Easy to Learn

Om Swastyastu. Welcome back. As a main tourist destination in the world, learning Balinese phrases and examples is as important as learning Indonesian pronunciation of basic words of Bahasa Indonesia. Therefore, you should also master some important Balinese phrases. You won’t miss opportunity to visit Bali when you have a plan to go Indonesia, right? […]