What Are Bahasa Indonesia Books and Films Would You Recommend to Someone Learning the Language?

In the previous articles, we have already described about what are some fun topics and books for learning Bahasa Indonesia. Please refer to our previous article. In today’s article we would like to take you into books and film. Books or films is undoubtedly fun way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for beginners. What are the best books and films to learn Bahasa […]

What Are Some Fun Topics and Books for Learning Indonesian?

Practice makes perfect. Yes, we heard enough about this phrase since we were child. In learning foreign languages, there are four skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) that we need to master. After mastering grammar, you can surely demonstrate your ability in reading and writing. However, speaking is different thing. One needs daily practices in […]

This is How to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Free and Effective

Do you know that you can learn Bahasa Indonesia for free? Learning new skills or language is indeed not always expensive, it can even be free. If you interested to learn Bahasa Indonesia, if you have the will, you will have the way. Below you can find the complete explanation on how to learn Bahasa […]

What Do Malaysians Think of Indonesian Music?

Music can become one of the universal language tools related to the literature of a language. Through music, people can enjoy the melody and learn the language at the same time. It can be said that all countries must have its own unique or popular music. The music can be used for learning something, sharing […]

How to Carry Money in Bali? Indonesian Rupiah – Currency

Maybe the question, ‘how to carry money in Bali’ has been asked many times before. This question also has been answered multiple times with foreigners that have experienced a vacation to Bali. Regarding to this question, there are many opinions or answers that vary depending to the needs of the person. Most of them prefer […]

Are US Dollars Accepted in Bali? Value – Exchange Rate

Hello, guys. How are you today? Hope you are good as ever. We are going to discuss about another thing regarding the most famous, exotic island in Indonesia, Bali. Many foreigners that want to have a trip to Bali might be wondering, “are their country’s currency accepted in Bali?”. To be specific, US dollars, are […]

What Currency Should I Take to Bali? Exchange Rate – Indonesian Rupiah

As a foreigner who wants to have a trip to Indonesia, specifically, Bali, there must be a thought, “what currency should I take to Bali?” To make you feel better about the services in Bali, there are plenty amount of services to change currency or money. Most of them are also trustworthy, especially the one […]

What Does It Mean to Be ‘Fluent’ In Bahasa Indonesia? Learning Tips

Have you learned Bahasa Indonesia for quite some time? How do you know that you are already fluent in Bahasa Indonesia? There are many signs that show us about our fluency in using Bahasa Indonesia. Many of them are not really visible to our awareness, but some are observable. So, to give a clean benchmark […]

Teaching Indonesian in Primary School – Technique and Tips

Hello, everyone. Are you still excited to learn Bahasa Indonesia? We hope all of you still with us here. So, what is the lesson today? Today, we learn about how teaching Indonesian in primary school. Some of you surely think that teaching in primary school is difficult. Get rid of such thoughts, because Indonesian lessons in […]

5 Games to Learn Indonesian Language on Android (Free and Easy)

Hi Fellas, How’s your Indonesian process? Still excited to learn something new? Sometimes learn new language means you need extra cost on your budget because of its course, book, and language training. Not only extra cost, you also need to allocate your time to go to your course place. Worry not! You can maximize what we […]