What Language Do They Speak in Bali? Beautiful Culture and Tradition

Language is one of someone’s or people’s tools to communicate to each other. Language is discovered in all parts of the region in the world. There are lots of languages, even for one country who has many provinces, each provinces must have their own languages. One of the countries who has many provinces is Indonesia. […]

Will Dutch-Derived Indonesian Words be Slowly Displaced by Their English-Derived/Indonesian Equivalents

Remember your History lesson, folks! Because today we are going to talk not only about Indonesian but also Dutch and English. Why bring the Dutch in? Well, Indonesia experienced a long colonial history under Dutch rule. Their long period of existence in Indonesia then affected the culture, including language. Dutch has left an extensive imprint on […]

All The Mean Things Indonesian Girls Say to You When They Don’t Like You

Friendliness is one of the word could be described for Indonesian people. People of Indonesia likes to greet, help, and always say sorry before they ask for help or talk to new people or foreigners. Besides the friendliness, Indonesia is also famous by the Indonesian girls. Indonesian girls are famous because of their friendliness, multitasking […]

What Languages Are Closest to Indonesian Language?

Indonesia is rich by its tribes and its languages. As it is rich by both tribes and languages, Indonesia is combined by one special language named Indonesian language or some people say it as ‘Bahasa’. Indonesian language is created by accumulation and assimilation of its tribe language and also from other countries languages. Indonesian language […]

Could Obama Speak Indonesian? – Barack Obama Indonesian Heritage You Should Learn

Born in 1961, Obama became the first African-American President for the United State of America. Becoming the 44th American President, he had two periods of tenure from 2009-2017. Obama is a smart person who travelled a lot since he was a child. He was born in Hawaii and he has a late mother from America […]

Is It True That The Indonesian Language Doesn’t Have A Word to Express or Say “Tomorrow”?

Indonesia is rich with its tribes, cultures, and languages. Becoming the country with the widest sea, Indonesia applies Indonesian language to gather all tribes’ language. Alike other international or famous language, Indonesian language has different types of word form to be used in formal or informal way. In Indonesian language, people can find the word […]

What is The Indonesian Word for Language? The Origins

As we have explained about the reason why Indonesian refer Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language as language in this article, now we are going to learn about what is the Indonesian word for language. In today’s lesson, you are about to learn the Indonesian word for language. The material of the lesson includes the translation […]

Similarities between Indonesia and France – Vocabularies – History

Hi there, what’s up, friends? We hope you are all in good condition. Are you ready to learn a new lesson today? So, today we will answer your question about what are the similarities between Indonesia and France? Let’s check below answer here. France visiting Indonesia In history, it was mentioned that France had come […]

How to Say Take Away in Indonesia Language – Meaning

if we want to buy some food or beverages, we may eat at that place directly after they are ready. However, we can bring it to home to eat and drink the orders. If can be said in the formal and informal Indonesia language. “Take Away = Bungkus” Formal Language Saya ingin membawa pulang makanan […]

How to Propose a Girl in Indonesian Language in The Right Phrases

Through language we could express our feeling, including love. You have learned some expressions in Indonesian Proverbs About Love. Then, why don’t we learn how to propose a girl in Indonesian Language. Maybe you will get accepted. Let’s learn! But, before we start, take a look of these useful articles. Indonesian Idiomatic Expressions Inspirational Quotes […]