How to Say “Where is the Toilet” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Today, we are going to learn how to say “where is the toilet” in Bahasa Indonesia. But, before we go right to the explanation, you have to know the word or phrase that is used by Indonesian to refer to toilet. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are some vocabularies that refer to a toilet or restroom. […]

How to Say “I Miss You Too” in Indonesian – Sweet Phrase

Sometimes, you might feel you want to meet your old friend or lover so badly. Maybe, it’s your friend or you lover who wants to meet you. To express the urge to meet each other, you might say “I miss you” to them. Well of course they answer with “I miss you too”. So, as […]

How to Say “F Off” in Indonesian – Phrase – Slang Words

As in learning any language, you have to know every expression from that language. This includes every positive or negative expressions based on the possible situation regardless of you will need it or not. If you are learning Bahasa Indonesia, you might want to learn about how to use some expressions in Bahasa Indonesia that […]

Best Wishes in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Hello everyone! In this occasion, I am going to give you one of the important thing in Indonesian. This important thing is about best wishes expressions in Indonesian. Best wishes in Indonesian is “kata harapan”. The wishes are used to wish for someone’s good fortune. Many people in Indonesia give some best wishes sentences to […]

How to Order Coffee in Indonesian – Examples

Hello good people, I hope you have a great day. Today we are talking about a drink that many people love to have: coffee. However we don’t discuss about its long historical story, or how to grow them, but we talk about how Indonesian order coffee.   Nowadays, many people have coffee as a lifestyle. […]

How to Say You Are Beautiful In Indonesian – Phrase – Definition

A compliment is something we say to praise someone. It is a form of admiration toward other person. It is true that everyone loves to be complimented. It gives happy feeling. Although it is a polite remark that actually can be not the truth, it can still make us happy. We should give compliment to […]

100 Examples of Indonesian Sentences for Beginner

Indonesian sentences for beginners include daily conversational sentences. It can be in both formal such as governmental environment, office life, and news program and informal such as conversation among friends and families. Besides standard Indonesian language, local dialects are widely spoken across the country especially is smaller town. Even though many Indonesian speak in dialects, […]

99 Common Indonesian Sentences – Structures and Examples

Selamat Datang! Welcome Back! You are still having desire to learn Bahasa, don’t you? Keep the spirit up!! Anyway, the words in Bahasa Indonesia are derived from particularly English and the others such as Dutch, Arabic Language, and Sanskrit. So, no wonder there is a lot of words in Indonesian Vocabulary.  At this moment, let’s […]

Simple Indonesian Sentences – Dictionary – Examples

Indonesian are known for their hospitality. Besides the beauty of its nature, Indonesian also kind and friendly. If you are planning to visit this country, you don’t have to worry about being lost. Some of Indonesian can speak English while the others’ familiar with simple English but maybe cannot answer the questions in English. So […]

Indonesian Sentence Construction – Formula – Exercise

Halo, selamat datang kembali di MasteringBahasa! For today, we are going to sharpen our skills in Indonesian sentence construction. You might have read about Indonesian sentence structure as well as basics of Indonesian grammar. Let’s learn how to build Indonesian sentences the right way today! The good news is, constructing Indonesian sentences is actually relatively […]