What Is The Best Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia Before Your Trip to Bali?

Bali is not only famous at the national level but has been heard throughout the world, even in several surveys of world destination destinations, Bali is in the top five of the chart. What Is The Best Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia Before Your Trip to Bali? Behind Bali’s global success, of course, there are […]

This is How to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Free and Effective

Do you know that you can learn Bahasa Indonesia for free? Learning new skills or language is indeed not always expensive, it can even be free. If you interested to learn Bahasa Indonesia, if you have the will, you will have the way. Below you can find the complete explanation on how to learn Bahasa […]

How to Learn Bahasa Indonesia Quickly from YouTube (Learn in 5 Minutes)

Youtube is a platform that we can use to watch many new and interesting videos from all around the world. It is also became a new way for people to learn many new skills quickly and comfortably, including learning new language. You can also learn Bahasa Indonesia using Youtube. To know more on how to […]

What Are Some Great Books for Learning Bahasa Indonesia Formally and Professionally?

There are many ways to learn foreign languages. Some people may feel comfortable to learn through games or movies, but some feel easier to understand the lessons from books. Learning through movies or games will sharpen your listening as well as reading comprehension. [Also read: Fun Ways to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners]. However, to […]

What is The Ideal Indonesian Education System to Prepare for the 21st Century?

Education seems to be one of the important ways to shape human mindset. The education becomes the mandatory thing in a country. Some countries has owned their best education system, one of them is Finland. Education is run by its different systems in different countries. The education systems will be upgraded especially when the world […]

Why is the Indonesian Education Curriculum Harder Than Other Countries? Check The Explanation!

If people are talking about English or other materials at school such as math or biology, they relate to the subjects which are learnt or studied. If it is taken for one example of subject, English language, the subject is relate to the language subject and it is known to be studied and drilled for […]

Is The Indonesian Language Really As Easy As They Say?

Born as Indonesian, of course, I thought that Bahasa Indonesia is the easiest language I ever knew since it becomes my first daily language. However, if we really want to master Bahasa Indonesia, I would say that even a true Indonesian must find it challenging to use Bahasa Indonesia “yang baik dan benar” (good and […]

What Are The Reasons Non-Indonesians Have A Hard Time Pronouncing Indonesian Words?

In this globalization era, learning new language is one of the important things. Learning the new language is not only for having the new language for the mind, but also for speaking it at the place where the language is spoken. It must be difficult for the first learner to learn the new language. The […]

Is It True That The Indonesian Language Doesn’t Have A Word to Express or Say “Tomorrow”?

Indonesia is rich with its tribes, cultures, and languages. Becoming the country with the widest sea, Indonesia applies Indonesian language to gather all tribes’ language. Alike other international or famous language, Indonesian language has different types of word form to be used in formal or informal way. In Indonesian language, people can find the word […]

List of the Busiest Airports in Indonesia

As a foreign traveler, most of you would prefer to use air transportation than any other else. Beside it being the fastest and most efficient transportation, the facilities provided are most likely to suit with our needs. In Indonesia, there are many airports spread all over the country. Most of these airports have a very […]